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Trumpets and loud drum sounds are heard followed by Violins to provide the sound score for Universal Pictures.

The Planet Earth suddenly comes into view as the camera zooms over the crust. Universal comes into view as it slowly slides left, The Earth comes into full view as it spins in an anti clockwise motion.


Mutual Film Company slides in from the right to fill the blue box. A loud snare sound is heard. A small circular lens flare effect quickly travels across the screen to the left.

White blemish effects fleetingly appear to add effect. Two blips travel across the top and bottom of the box at speed to add effect. The top blip is ahead of the bottom blip. Blue box fades out into blackness.


A low level rumbling sound is heard.


A low level rumbling sound is heard.


Slow Synthesizer key is now playing.


A loud crash of sound is heard including snare drum, Violin and human voices. 


Male harmonic voices are heard to provide the sound score, Russian scientific team voices can be heard - The sea is mild as it gracefully curls and swells. It is sunset and a large scientific vessel "Academic Vladislav Volkov" has anchored somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 


The large vessel is kitted out with a vast array of scientific equipment including satellite dishes and Sonar. The russian scientists are studying activity in the water and from outerspace as they try to find alien life. A scientist wearing glasses and white overalls walks at a fare pace as he walks around a large transparent glass diagram of planet Earth.


A scientific officer called Alexi suddenly appears holding a cup of coffee with both hands. Alexi speaks in Russian as he asks one of his comrades "How is our tropical depression?" 


Alexi begins to walk off as his comrade replies and say's in Russian "It's now officially called "Typhoon Leiah" A woman walks by Alexi holding some paperwork and smiling intensely.


A female voice is heard making a radio call in Russian, she say's "stan si mere - stan si mere" which translates to Tin and Apples. She gives information on the name of the craft she is working on. Alexi grabs a newspaper before walking over to Chief Science Officer Nadia Vinogradova who has just sat down.


Nadia greets Alexi as he takes a sip of his hot coffee. 


Nadia smiles at Alexi before looking down, Nadia repeats her radio call "Stan si mere Stan si Mere" Academic Vladislav Volkov"


An astronaut called Col. Kominsky now appears on several monitors, He is broadcasting from the Russian space station high above Earths atmosphere.  The astronaut begins to speak in Russian. Nadia responds in Russian. Alexi places his right hand onto the shoulders of Nadia.


The Russian astronaut continues to communicate with Nadia. Nadia turns her head slightly to her left as she smiles and appreciates Alexi's unexpected comfort. Nadia rests her head on Alexi's hand fleetingly,  Radio interference is heard as Alexi smiles as he looks at the Russian astronaut on the screen.  Alexi turns in a anti clockwise motion as he turns towards a large wall secured machine.


Dramatic orchestral music is heard as a flyby of the Russian space station is seen. 


Russian radio voice is heard as the space station travels to the right, The camera zooms in closely as the space station glides past high above Earth. A loud rush of air is heard as the camera passes the capsule unit.


Another Russian cosmonaut speaks his language, A female
cosmonaut glides and floats effortlessly as she slowly
pushes her body weight down to the floor below. Colonel Kominsky is sat at a technically perplexing computer terminal as he rests his right hand on a switch, Suddenly a beep is heard and two green lights appear near his fingers. Colonel Kominsky speaks in Russian and say's "Finalizing coordinates as we speak" Kominsy looks up at the screen as he lowers his right hand back down onto a switchboard of buttons, Kominsky say's "Transmitting data in thirty seconds". Kominsky looks on over towards his comrade Capt.
Lonya Rostov as he twists some switches with his left hand. A loud sound of electronic blips are heard. Suddenly Nadia's voice is heard as she grabs Rostov's attention. Rostov greets Nadia as he watches her through a computer monitorabove his head.


Nadia is playing a game of chess with Capt. Lonya Rostov as she speaks in Russian and say's "Bishop to King 6".


A low level sound of gas and clicking is heard as Captain Rostov slowly floats up from his chair to a chess board that is attached to the ceiling. Captain Rostov quickly moves Nadia's piece on the board to the new coordinates. 


Nadia smiles as she watches Captain Rostov on her monitor, A low level sound of moving air is heard including randon electronic blips. Faint human voices are also heard including a tapping of computer keys.


Captain Rostov bends his head slightly as he produces a face of happiness and thought for Nadia's chess playing skills.


Nadia is silent as she sits back in her chair while placing a pen into her mouth. A male scientist suddenly lowers his right hand as he studies some technical information.


Nadia also has a chess board and her team is black, Nadia quickly places her Bishop to the new coordinates. A light tap is heard as she places the piece down. Female Russian voice is heard in the background.


A loud whirring is heard as a large parabolic satellite dish with antennae begins to slowly twist around in a downwards motion. The dish continues to move until it faces down towards the Earth. A loud click is heard as the satellite reaches equilibrium and locks into position. The clear blue seas slowly move left as the space station travels over the earth.


A female cosmonaut is looking out of a window as she raises her right arm in the air. A low level fast and repeating electronic bleat is heard - The female cosmonaut slowly lowers her arm as she continues to stare out of the window in outer space. Low level radio voices are heard


Something strange and unusual has caught the attention of the cosmonaut as she looks out the window high above Earth's atmosphere. In the far corner of her eye she can see a glowing purple and blue sphere shaped fluorescent object which is slowing travelling left. 


The female cosmonaut is totally mesmerized by the strange phenomena and is admiring it's beauty and elegance as it moves in outer space. The cosmonaut continues to stare out as she lowers her hands, The cosmonaut quickly reaches out with her left hand and retrieves a camera, A loud click is heard as the cosmonaut takes hold of the sensitive device. The cosmonaut quickly looks back at the glowing body of intense color as she slowly brings the camera into view with both of her hands. A deep and rumbling sound is heard - The cosmonaut quickly aligns the device by placing her right hand under her left hand to support the heavy equipment. The cosmonaut places the eye piece to her left eye as she begins to record the amazing scenario. The cosmonaut squints her right eye closed as she focuses in on the unidentifiable object. Cosmonaut lowers the camera down slightly, 


Camera moves up slightly before a loud click is heard - The cosmonaut has just taken a photographic image.


The cosmanut raises her right hand to the top of the camera before moving the camera away from her face slightly and opening her eyes. A low level winding sound is heard as the cosmonaut turns a handle in a clockwise motion. The cosmonaut is completely in awe of the strange phenomena and is unable to take her eyes away from the alien light. The cosmonaut slowly lowers the camera down as she calls out for Capt. Lonya Rostov "She say's Lonya" 


Lonya is engrossed in his chess game with Nadia as he quickly turns his head in the female cosmonauts direction and speaks in Russian "One Second". The female cosmonaut speaks over again to Lonya in Russian and is asking him to come over to the window and observe the strange object for himself. Low level electronic blips are heard -  Lonya quickly looks down before fleetingly looking over at the female cosmonaut. Lonya looks up at the monitor as he stands up and turns his head around in an anti clockwise motion. A bright light from his window now lights up his face as he investigates the alien lights. Lonya stares out for a few seconds before raising his left hand and holding onto a storage bag, and then his right as he raises it high and comes closer to the window, 


The camera slowly starts to pan in as Lonya looks out of his window at the amazing sight. As the alien entity comes closer it's bright luminescence causes the space station to glow a beautiful neon blue color. Lonya continues to watch with amazement and an inquiring mind.


The alien entity produces a sound similar to a Concorde type of aircraft, Two light and relaxed violin chords are heard - The alien light pulsates and quivers as it's luminance swirls and ripples throughout it's shape and structure. 


Lonya continues to watch from his window as he calls for Colonel Yuri  Kominsky, Kominsky quickly makes his way over to Lonya from his left, Kominsky raises his right hand as he places it around Lonya before holding onto a side panel of the circular window. Male and female voices are heard including a fast and repeating electronic blip sound. Lonya speaks in Russian as Colonel Kominsky begins to look out of the window, Lonya lowers his head down as he continues to maintain a constant focus on the alien light. Lonya speaks again as he questions Kominsky and say's "What is that whistling". 


The alien entity has now picked up momentum and is travelling at high speed towards the Russian space station, Long blue tentacle shaped lights produce a cascade of moving gasses while the central cylinder disc shaped sphere produces an electrical storm of lightening from inside it's core. The sound of Concorde is very loud as it propels it's weightless body towards the Unprepared Russian cosmonauts.


An electrical storm resides inside the core of the alien entity. A loud and deep rumbling is heard.


The female cosmonaut lights up in a brilliant neon blue light as she stares in utter awe at the approaching phenomena. 


As the alien light reaches the space station it's sheer size becomes apparent and extremely worrying for the Russian cosmonauts. Suddenly large spiny and incredibly fast spikes of hot energy begin to emit from the spherical oddity, The intense pink and white flashes of lightening spark out in all directions as it makes contact with the space station. A massive amount of electrical current strikes the space station as it continues to propel through the man made structure. A loud crackling and whipping sound is heard as the lightening continues to strike out at the space station.


A massive surge of electricity lights up the space station a neon purple as the entity travels through, Massive amounts of thick and pulsating current lashes the space station from all directions.


A loud scream is heard as the female cosmonaut suddenly falls back violently from the observation window. A massive bolt of blue energy rapidly penetrates the thick glass and hits the cosmonaut in the chest at super high speed. 


The lightening bends and snakes as it strikes the cosmonaut causing her to collapse onto the floor below. The cosmanaut screams long and hard but all is futile.


A huge torrent of hot current lashes the docking pod and escape capsule as it laps around the structure at high speed. A loud electrical fizzing and deep rumbling is heard as the energy creates complete chaos.


From the South Pacific aboard "Academic Vladislav Volkov" electrical equipment and other sensitive electronic machines have suddenly become corrupted and chaotic in operation. The massive storm surge has wiped out large amounts of electronics aboard the space station and  the chief Science officer "Nadia" now stares at blank monitor screens that are full of static. A low level fizzing is heard from the monitors - The monitors flicker and fizz. Nadia calls for Alexi as she speaks on her radio transceiver and say's "Alexi".


Nadia quickly turns around and say's in Russian, "All audio visual links are gone" over towards Alexi.


Alexi lifts his head up and begins to listen carefully to Nadia's words of concern.


Nadia turns back to face the monitors as she takes her glasses off with both hands, Nadia speaks again in Russian - "Something is very wrong" Nadia looks up at the monitors as she tries to find a solution to her dilemma.


A Russian scientist who is standing next to Nadia wearing white overalls suddenly begins to flick switches in his attempt to fix the static monitor problem. A loud click is heard as the scientist pushes up a switch, Suddenly a loud scream of pain and suffering is heard as a male Russian cosmonauts voice bellows over the monitor speakers. The screen still produces wavering lines of static and only a limited picture. The scientist raises his hand and pushes down another switch, Nadia speaks out with concern as she attempts to communicate with the panicked cosmonaut, Nadia say's, "stan si MIR" Nadia holds her microphone to her right side as she repeats the words ""stan si MIR"  


A loud fuzzing is heard as the monitor begins to broadcast a slightly improved image aboard Space station Mir. Capt. Lonya Rostov can be seen screaming and shaking rapidly as he looks up at his monitor screen. Captain Rostov looks away momentarily before looking back with his mouth wide open and his right hand raised in the air. Nadia stands up as she shouts out with fear once more "Stans si MIR". Captain Rostov is extremely panicked as he screams out some indistinguishable words in Russian. "Jesus"


A loud high pitched fizzing and scratching sound is heard as the high energy current licks around the space station at high speed. The large and powerful alien light has surged through the Mir space station and is now travelling ahead as it slowly gains a distance. A blue neon colored air vapor and cloud travels along the solar panels like a conveyer belt as the strange alien entity leaves it's mark.


Back at the Mir station screaming from the cosmonaut is heard as the camera rapidly pans down, A monitor to the right produces random slices of wavering color and static from the space station. Nadia can be seen on one of the Mir's monitors as she waits patiently for an answer. 


A fast moving and streaking purple lightening has penetrated the space station as it licks and spits at everything it can sense. Monitors and other sensitive electrical equipment continue to malfunction.


Captain Rostov can still be heard screaming with extreme panic and terror at the lightening attack he is experiencing, Rostov shouts out loudly "Jesus Christ". A piece of computer equipment can be heard beeping as a counter slowly ticks down one increment at a time. This computer station controls the satellite antennae that is attached to the space station from outside. A loud wavering static electricity sound is heard as a bright flash of purple light streaks across the console. Cosmonaut Rostov is heard groaning with pain as the timer reaches 0000. Suddenly a long and continuous beep is heard as the electronic machine is summoned to respond. A green X also lights up to the right of the machine.


A loud fizzing and static is heard as a wide and chunky strain of the lightening enters into the satelites concentrator unit. 


Suddenly the loudest sound ever heard perforates the atmosphere as a massive torrent of concentrated purple energy blasts out of the satelite dishes antenna and directly down towards Earth. This satelite dish has been aligned with the scientific vessel "Academic Vladislav Volkov" for communication purposes. 


The massive energy bolt travels at massive speed and tremendous velocity as it travels down towards the deep ocean of the South Pacific. A whipping sound of electricity is heard as a smaller bolt emits out from the larger one. It spills over and laps around as it continues to connect with it's master. Another loud and fast blast of escaping energy is heard as the huge bolt breaks away from the smaller streak as it continues for planet Earth.


The scientific vessel "Academic Vladislav Volkov" suddenly comes into view from the depths below. Because the satellite dish was aligned to the ship this has given the energy bolt a direction. The ship rapidly increases in size as the bolt approaches. The large vessel twists in a clockwise motion as the bolt travels at light speed. A sound of multiple violins rapidly descending the musical annotations is heard to provide atmosphere. The purple bolt of alien energy is aimed directly at the center parabolic dish and nothing is going to stop it hitting it's target.


The explosive charge of energy has reached it's target as the satellite dish blurs from the camera effect. 

A huge flash of purple energy strikes the first and second parabolic satelitte dishes with lightening speed. A tremedous amount of electrical discharge and sparks creates mayhem on the decks of the ship. Orange and white smoke instantly discharges up into the air as the alien sentinel erupts onto the satelite dishes..


The purple lightening increses it's velocity and strength as two jagged and fast moving strikes of energy rain down onto the ships sensitive componenets and communications equipment with no mercy. A loud explosive sound is heard as the alien lifeforce penetrates the man made structures.


From a short distance away the middle Satellite followed by the third instantly explode producing a large amount of star white debris and smoke. A very loud explosion is heard from each Satellite as they implode.


From inside the vessel scientists are only just learning of the alien intrusion and are only just beginning to react to the attack. Alexi suddenly shouts over across the room in Russian as he raises and points his right index finger, Two men behind Alexi are attending to a machine that has just started to malfunction. Nadia is sat down in front of her chess board and is in deep thought for her friends and colleagues aboard the Mir space station. A massive streak of purple lightening breaches the control room as it snakes and ripples across the floor.


A loud alien voice is heard followed by a massive electrical flash and blow out of equipment inside the room. Without warning a brilliant white beam of energy emits out of a computer terminal before streaking across the room at super sonic speed. The tail of the energy goes over Alexi's head within a split second, A huge torrent of hot white stars and explosive energy is released into the room as Alexi turns his body anti clockwise in an attempt to protect himself from the powerful blast. Nadia grimaces as the energy creates complete bedlam and a major breach of intelligence.


The satellite dishes from outside continue to explode producing white stars and a thick white smoke, Suddenly a powerful purple beam of sentinel energy jumps the gap between the second and the third dish creating a loud explosive sound. The third dish explodes like a firework display as it receives vast amounts of energy all at the same time.


Another area within the vessel houses several vacuum column tape drives that are spinning at a rapid pace in a clockwise motion. Other sensitive computer equipment aligns the walls. The room rapidly flashes a neon blue to a brighter turquoise as two beams of purple energy penentrate from the ceiling. Sparks fly out in all directions as the camera quickly zooms in towards the reel tape machines. A rapid computer beeping is now heard.


The alien energy beams have a unnatural life of there own as they infiltrate the ship and it's information banks. Another flash of purple lightening suddenly elopes around a password protected computer terminal. The screen is displaying a string of 7 numbers of which two are red. The sentinel power is intelligent as it number crunches trillions of possibilities to crack the password. The two red digits rapidly shift as the alien entity works out the correct sequence of digits.


The massive torrent of sentinel energy is determined to undermine the human operation and take full control of the ship and it's sensitive equipment. More explosions of a bright white light appear as another beam of purple light emits out into the control room. A loud sound of fizzing is heard as Alexi instantly ducks as he attempts to protect himself from severe burns and electrocution. Nadia shouts out "Alexi" before turning around and saying over to him, "Someone is accessing the mainframe computer!" More trails of purple light attach to everything in it's path. Smoke is filling the room and it will be much harder to breath now. Nadia stares down at the computer as Alexi runs over to evalaute the breach.


Alexi stares at the computer screen completely perplexed at how someone is breaching the security protocols with such ease. He suddenly speaks out loudly and say's in Russian "Impossible, I'm the only one with the access code!." A loud fizzing and continous electrical disturbance fills the air,


Suddenly a continous electronic beep sound is heard from the computer as all the digits go green, A message in Russian also appears under the numbers. The alien life force has now breached the senstive data banks of the computer as it rapidly scans and absorbs the digital information that lie within the hard drives and storage solutions. The screen begins to rapidly display charts diagrams and other technical papaers and scientific data at incredible speed. The alien is learning at a geometric rate and in all circumstances will use this information in it's fight with the human race.


A chart depicting various galaxies including, eliptical galaxies and barred spiral galaxies is rapidly digested by the alien entity.


A graphical diagram depicts the human body and it's various internal organs.


A Periodic table of the Chemical Elements related to chemistry is also rapidly scanned and absorbed. Many more pages of technical and scientific information are rapidly studied for the aliens pleasure and lust for knowledge.


Another loud fizzing of electrical discharge is heard as another strike of jagged purple energy suddenly flashes in front of the monitor terminal, Nadia and Alexi grimace at the bright white light of intense heat and blinding brightness, Suddenly a massive blow out of hot and punishing lightening strikes out inside the room, A loud boom of power discharge is heard as Nadia screams fo her life. Both Alexi and Nadia fall to the floor as they attempt to shield there bodies and face from the heat and unforgiving attack. A loud thud is heard as both Nadia and Alexi collapse to the ground, Alexis hat instantly comes away from his head and rolls a few feet in front of him. A scientist somewhere in the room shouts out loudly in Russian, he is shouting out that someone is dead. 


Nadia's work area displays a monitor screen with the condition of the ship, An area in Red is moving from side to side to indicate that this part of the vessel has been breached and requires attention. Nadia has a small photo of her family resting against the bottom of the monitor. Another photo is visible on the other side. Her notes are carefully and neatly resting on her desk with a black pen on top. Sadly her game of Chess with Captain Rostov will have to be put on hold for the time being. Two chocolates in a yellow wrap are also visible to the far left. Another photo is visible to the far right.


Suddenly a scientist wearing a white overcoat quickly runs over to Nadia's  computer terminal, He rapidly raises his right hand and pushes up on a silver switch in an effort to stop the lightening and smoke. As soon as the science officer touches the terminal he is instantly electrocuted by a powerful beam of intense white light. 


A whipping sound of uncontrollable and very erratic energy discharge is heard as a powerful beam hits the science officer hard into his chest. The intense and powerful forces lift the science officer from off of his feet and propel him backwards with no mercy. The science officer screams loudly as the hot and powerful beam incinerates his internal organs and life blood.


From outside another powerful explosion erupts on the first parabolic dish to the left side, A massive explosion of white sparks emits from the dish creating a very loud explosive sound. The stars of bright light blast out and scatter into the air as an overload of energy sends the scientfic vessel into a complete meltdown of chaos and mayhem.


Suddenly a loud and unbearable high pitched screeching sound is heard similar to a horde of insects flying over your head. Alexi and Nadia quickly cover there ears with there hands as they grimace and suffer teribly. Nadia has become emotionally unstable as she screams out loudly from the loud sound, Alexi and Nadia are feeling an excruciating pain in there ear drums from the piercing sound. A heavy breeze has also breached the control room as it blusters over Nadia and Alexi. More white and intense lightening appears from the right which causes Nadia and Alexi to fall back to the floor.


Capt. Lonya Rostov is still visible on a monitor screen as he grimaces and shouts out loudly for his life, Captain Rostov opens his mouth wide as he flails his arms in an attempt to quell the deadly and unexpected alien attack. The screen flickers rapidly as Captain Rostov screams and gyrates for his life as the powerful electricity creates sheer carnage and mental madness. Rostov is attempting to explain the impossible as he points over at a breech and bright discharge, Rostov is not fully aware of the devastion the "Academic Vladislav Volkov" has received.


Nadia places her hands firmly to her ears as she tries to block out the torturous sounds and intense and powerful discharges of energy she is unable to control. Nadia screams at a continous rate in fear for her life. Nadia's hair blows around by the breeze that is now inside the room, The loud screeching of alien life reverberates around the room as it takes control of the ship and it's personnel.


A full seven days of the calendar month have passed and the South Pacific ocean has drastically changed from a calm sea to a tropical storm certified event. Typhoon Leiah is causing havoc among sea fairing vessels as it whips up and stirs the deep sea into a frenzy of white fizz and rippling waves. A thundering sound of violently moving waves and deep whirlpools of suction create a tremendous atmosphere. Dramatic trumpets and Violins produce the sound score. Huge waves crash and expand into millions of water droplets as they tussle for control.


Sudenly a large tugboat called The Sea Star appears from the right, A rattling of heavy chains is heard - The bow of the vessel rapidly sinks deep into the swirling water as it makes it's way across the vast ocean, As the Sea Star's bow hits the water line it causes a plume of splashes and water turbulence to elope over the ships Bow, The vast amount of sea water continues it's journey as it splashes along the hull from both sides. The Sea Star methodically bobs back up again causing more water spray and white fizz to eject out and away from the vessel. The vessel continues it's jouney through the turbulent waves as the splashes of sea water continue to smash against it's bow.


Massive amounts of sea water rain down from the roof of the wheelhouse roof as the vessel bobs down and then back up again. As the sea water discharges down and away from the windows for a brief moment some of the Sea Star's personnel can be seen from behind the toughened glass. A man wearing a tropical themed shirt with blue under garment can be seen at the wheel of the tugboat. Another man wearing a black jacket and hat is stood facing away from the bow looking to his left. More water splatters the windows as the camera slowly pans around the craft to the right. Water trickles down the glass creating patterns and effects in the windows surface. A female personnel is also visible, she is wearing a yellow jacket and is looking towards the bow. A monitor is also switched on above the female personal.


From within the wheelhouse another atmosphere exists, this one is much more pleasant with protection from the cold and cutting sea water, heat and relative comfort. A man called J.W. Woods Jr is at the wheel with the enormous task of directing the Sea Star into safer waters as quickly as possible.  Suddenly Woods produces a small quart bottle of whisky and begins to take large gulps of the strong liquor in an attempt maintain mental stability and help him to relax. The brown liquid swishes from inside the bottle as Woods stares out of the window into the stormy night. A few seconds pass and Woods lowers the bottle as he looks to his right. Thunder is heard as Woods wobbles on his feet slightly.


The camera slowly zooms into a photographic image of Officer Kelly Kit Foster- who was in the Navy at some point in her life, She is stood with her commanding officer and Captain. Several thick books are also present stacked neatly against a computer monitor. A loud and high pitched electronic beeping is suddenly heard -


Suddenly Foster appears at her work station to check out the electronic alert, Foster quickly looks down at the monitor that is displaying a series of information regarding the weather conditions and speed of the vessel. Foster shouts over to Captain Robert Everton who is the owner and employer for the personnel on board. She say's "Captain, winds gusting to 110." Foster rests both of her hands on a table in front of her as she tries to reduce the unstable floors from knocking her over. Foster speaks out again as she say's "If they get to 130, we're verging Category 5." Foster turns her head around to face Captain Everton who is looking out of a window.


Captain Everton has a solemn facial expression as he slowly turns his head around to face Foster. Massive amounts of sea water can be seen falling down from the windows outside, Captain Everton hesitates before saying, "Put her back into the wind, Woods." Captain Everton fleetingly looks at Foster before looking back to Woods. Captain Everton speaks again to Woods completely ignoring the sensible words from Foster. He say's "Forty-five degrees down swell."


Woods quickly turns his head slightly as he nods to indicate he has received his orders from Everton, Woods quickly turns his head slightly as he nods to indicate he has received his orders from Everton, Woods looks back at his wheel before turning it anti clockwise with both hands. Foster turns away from Everton as he turns and looks back out of the window. Dramatic orchestral music is heard.


Woods spins the wheel as he pushes it down with his left hand while holding onto the handles with his right.


A loud torrent of smashing and crashing waves is heard, The Sea Star continues it's journey as it bobs up and down in the treachorous water. A thunder of water is heard as the boat levels out momentarily allowing a mass of water to swell around the hull and main deck. At the back of the tugboat a winch system can be seen. From the winch a long and strong steel wire is protruding out and into the darkness. A loud rattling of chains is heard.


As the camera pans right it follows the steel wire to it's source, A large chain with links shaped like a V has come into view. More rattling and chinking of metal chains is heard. The Sea Star is pulling a large barge from behind that is piled high with storage containers. The barge bobs up and down in the water as massive waves smash over and around it.


A large amount of wooden planks are covered in a protective sheeting, Small red lights have been installed several meters apart. Storage containers are abundant and full of equipment and supplies.


The large winch system is under increasing pressure and strain as it pulls the barge along, Suddenly a large wave crashes over the winch causing it to vanish from view briefly. Lightening produces a strobe effect as the winch changes color, The winch rocks up and down as large droplets of water drip from the steel cable. Loud rumbling sound is heard -  A loud squeaking sound is heard which causes the cable to wobble rapidly from the tremendous strain it is under.


The Sea Star has five powerful halogen lights installed at the back close to the main deck, The vessel sways violently from side to side as it struggles to stay afloat while continuing to pull a very heavy and overloaded barge from behind. Another huge wave slams into the front of Barge 612 as it is pulled along by The Sea Star. A loud chinking of chains is heard once more.


A low level electronic pulsing is heard from the sensitive Sonar equipment, A dial slowly sweeps around the sonar circumference clockwise as it analyses echo and potential objects that are close by. Foster quickly makes her way past the two monitors as she checks the wind speed once again.


Foster quickly sits down on a chair before turning her head around, Foster suddenly stands up and makes her way closer to the window, As Foster comes forward she quickly raises her right hand and grabs hold of a ceiling hand support to help steady her legs fleetingly. Foster releases her hand as she gets closer to the condition of the storm from through the glass windows.


Foster looks out of the window and into the fierce storm as she ponders her thoughts, Everton is silent as he looks out also.


Foster stares out into the foreboding darkness towards the barge that is being pulled by Sea Star. A loud rattling of chains is heard, The barge bobs down as a huge wave hits it head on creating a loud and thunderous sound. The heavy chains sway and gyrate from the heavy forces of the crashing waves, Massive amounts of water bash all sides of the barge as it continues the good fight.


Captain Everton stands unfloundered as he veers his eyes down towards Foster, Foster is feeling edgy and worried for the collosal task the Sea Star has to do while under a near category 5 storm, Foster rapidly looks at Everton then back towards the window, A high pitched electronic sound is heard - Foster looks back to Everton and say's "Captain, Foster looks back out at the barge - "the barge is taking on water." A creaking of wood is heard - Foster turns back to Everton who is maintaining an eerie silence, A loud crashing of waves is heard - Foster grabs hold of the ceiling support with her right hand as she shouts out loudly "Captain!" to try and get his attention. Everton sways back slightly from Fosters eratic hand movement.


Captain Everton suddenly replies as he shakes his head slightly with an edge of sarcasm and say's "I've got eyes, for Christ's sakes." Everton hesitates then say's "I've seen her through worse than this, Foster." Everton bends his head slightly away from Foster. Creaking is heard - Everton continues and say's "So calm down and stand your station."


A high pitched wind is head infused with the crashing and constant waves, Salt water continues to wash down the windows of the tug boat. Captain Everton suddenly shouts out for his helmsman "Woods" as he turns to face away from the window and grabbing hold of a ceiling support with his right hand.


Everton slowly makes his way over to Woods as he takes one hand over the next along a metal pole that is attached to the ceiling. (Metal sound is heard) Everton speaks out and say's with a tone of confidence "Forty-five degrees, the swell." Everton stands behind Woods as they both looks out at the rough seas.


A loud and thunderous sound of rough and stormy seas is heard as Sea Star bobs up and down from outside.


From the tug boat a huge torrent of water is building that is raising higher and higher with each second that passes by. The barge behind is almost completely hidden from view as th emassive wave tumbles over itself. Dramatic orchestral music is heard - Trumpets and violins.


Woods eyes open wide as he latches onto the huge wave that is rolling his way, Woods steps back slightly as he shouts out loudly. "Green water!".


Foster bends up from her left as she looks on over towards Woods with a serious facial expression, Foster is frozen with fear and has doubts about Evertons leadership.


The Sea Star continues to power through the water as a huge wave smashes over it's frame, A loud jingling of chains is heard -


The powerful wave has sent a ripple of disturbance through the tug boats interior, The walls begin to bend and shake with tremendous forces as the wave hits.


A loud clanking sound is heard as a coil of wire falls from the wall within the bulkhead.


Below deck more personnel exist, An engineer called Squeaky sits with his feet up in the engine rooms tool shop area. Suddenly Squeaky loses his balance as he rapidly falls to the floor from the powerful shock wave. 


Squeaky lands on his hands and knees as a sudden bright spark of electricity brightens up the room. (Lamp has destructed against the side wall) Sparks of intense luminance spray around and drip down onto Squeaky's back. Several calendars on the wall above shake from side to side violently as do his tools. Squeaky is wearing headphones and did not hear the wave crash into the boat.


From the other side of the door where Squeaky is situated is the engine room. Suddenly a massive steel column falls down from the ceiling and blocks the door from being opened from either side. A bright light from the circular window into Squeaky's tool shop area suddenly goes out to a full darkness.


The massive wave has crashed right over the top of the Sea Star as a huge fountain of Niagara energized sea water spills over the top and down onto the ships main deck where the powerful winch is located. A tremendous sound of gushing water is heard as the fast moving flow fills up the main deck.


A creaking of metal and timber is heard from the incredible strain the boat is under, Foster looks down at her weather system monitor before suddenly looking around and up at the ceiling with alarm and panic on her face. The sonar screen suddenly fades away to reveal a blue screen of death as the powerful forces knock out all communications. The weather monitor also goes to a blacked out screen.


The masthead light stands tall and bright as it produces an orange tone of luminence.


Suddenly the main mast collapses and crashes down onto the mast light destroying it. A loud thud is heard including broken glass as the heavy columns of steel crash down brutally to the main deck below. A dinging and ringing metallic sound is heard as the metal hits the ground producing a musical note. 


Captain Everton and Woods look out at the rough seas together, Suddenly Woods looks to his right and out of the window before looking forward again. Woods has his left hand resting on the wheel but is keeping the wheel in position. Curtain frills sway from side to side.


The Sea Star now has a lean on it's left side as it travels through the water, A huge swell has built up behind the vessel as it makes it's way towards the barge.


Massive amounts of seawater has now made it's way onto the main deck thus weakening the wooden floor, A loud high pitched snapping of metal is heard followed by a loud thud as the metal wire suddenly become wrought and tightly flexed.


A loud squeaking and hammering of metal is heard as the large bolts that keep the winch securely to the floor suddenly pop out of there fixing holes. Now the winch is only supported by the front bolts and is now precariously unsafe.


The floor begins to tear and raise up from the extreme pressure the winch and attached barge is now placing on the last bolts. It is only a matter of time before the winch is ripped away from it's position or the steel cable snaps.


A loud honking of a siren is now heard including a repeated flash of yellow light every 5 seconds from a warning beacon. (Horn honks once each second) Water splashes down onto the horn before spraying off at the bottom. Fast amounts of water come down from the sky and it is raining quite heavily.


Squeaky has come to his senses as he quickly stands up from the floor below, As he stands he knocks the chair he was sat in with his left leg sending it flying left - A loud thud is heard - A calendar to the far left sways from side to side - Squeaky instantly looks through the small circular window into the engine room as he tries to evaluate the situation. Alarm continues to sound - Squeaky places both hands against the solid steel door as he peers in.


Squeaky takes a few seconds as he stares in at the damaged engine room, Squeaky does not look happy and knows that the situation is dangerously critical.


A loud creaking is heard - Huge amounts of sea water is now flooding in from the main deck, A large hole now exists on the main deck from the winch which was ripped out from it's bolts. Another large beam has broken away from it's fixed position and is now laying at an awkward angle. Suddenly a much larger rush of sea water pours in from the main deck making matters much worse. If the engine breaks down the tug will be at the mercy of the waves.


Squeaky watches as the engine room fills up unable to do anything because of the jammed door.


Suddenly two more workers employed by Captain Everton rapidly emerge from a side door, Hiko is first through followed by crew man Richie Mason. Both workers are on edge and extremely worried for there lives as the siren blares out. Hiko violently smashes his body against the wall but uses his hands to cushion the force. A loud thud is heard - A clanking of metal is also heard - Hiko turns anti clockwise as he follows Richie along the narrow passageway towards Squeaky. Both Hiko and Richie quickly shut the door they came in from closed simultaneously. Richie shouts out "Steve, Engine room" as he alerts another engineer of the problem.


As Richie looks in through the door to Squeaky another worker comes out of a door to the right. His name is Steve Baker and he is an engineer for the Sea Star. Steve follows his work colleagues from behind.


Squeaky speaks out and say's with a tone of panic, "Richie, the door's jammed" I can't get in, man!" Squeaky quickly moves out of the way as Richie looks through the circular hatch and into the engine room. Richie turns his head as he say's with disapointment "Damn". Hiko stands just behind Richie as Richie say's, "If water stalls the engine, man, we're history." - Steve pushes his way between Richie and Hiko so that he can also have a look at the engine room.


The engine room powers the tailshaft which turns the propeller around. The engine room for the Sea Star is taking in vasts amounts of sea water and it it critical that the team of engineers and workers quickly find a way to access the room.


Steve looks through the water blemished circular window as he ponders his thoughts for a quick solution. Suddenly Steve turns his head around to face the others.


Steve is the more superior engineer of the group as he instantly orders Hiko to carry out a critical task. Steve raises his right hand and points it towards a torch that can be located in the not so far distance. Steve say's, Hiko, take the torch (Steve looks at Hiko briefly) and cut the door." - Hiko looks over in the direction Steve is pointing as he readies himself for the job at hand. Hiko say's with enthusiasm - "Yeah Yeah Yeah" as he quickly sets off out of the room. Steve quickly follows Hiko from behind as he say's "I'm going up top".


Steve quickly makes his way forward back along the corridor as he makes his way towards a ladder. Squeaky is heard saying back in the tools room, "Hiko, let me help you with that." Steve brushes pass the metal ladders before grabbing hold of the side rung with both hands, A tapping of feet is heard as Steve quickly makes his way up the steep ladders to the wheelhouse room. A flashing yellow light emits from the tools room including a buzzing alarm sound.


A loud jingling of metal is heard as the Sea Star continues to pull the large barge along. A loud sound of wailing wind is heard from the storm including a loud rumbling of waves. Sea Star sways violently from side to side as it struggles to tug the barge, keep water out of the engine room, stay afloat, and keep the winch from snapping off completely, not forgetting maintaining power to lights, computers, monitors, radio, and other vital equipment. Waves smash against the Sea Star creating huge spray and white wash. The barge bobs up and down as it it pulled by Sea Star, Sea Star propels a huge amount of water away from it's main deck as it comes back up from it's natural movements in the stormy seas.


Back in the wheelhouse Foster is plotting a course that will take Sea Star safely out of the storm. (Fast trumpet notes are heard in quick succession including drum beats) Foster draws a line across the navigational charts using a ruler. Fosters hand slides left at a fast pace and then back again as she creates a thick black line of ink. Foster shouts out to Everton - "Captain".


As Foster studies her navigational charts she shouts out loudly to Everton while facing away from the Captain, "Recommend new course heading: 2-2-9 degrees magnetic." Foster removes the pen's top from one end with her left hand before twisting the pen around in her right hand, Foster then places the top back to the pen to stop it from drying out. Foster places the pen down to the table as she turns in an anti clockwise motion to face Everton. Everton is in a world of his own as he stares out at the turbulent ocean.


Foster realizes that Everton is completely ignoring her and seems to have something much more important on his ship fairing mind. Foster quickly makes her way over to Everton as she calls for him to take action, "Captain", As Foster closes in behind the Captian she places her right hand onto a ceiling support rung for stability. Foster calls for Everton again "Captain?" but he still refuses to cooperate. Foster quickly turns to face the solemn captain as she say's with importance "Once were in the eye, we'll have calm seas for two hours." Foster lowers her right hand. Foster fleetingly looks towards the window before looking back to Everton, She say's, "we can make repairs, steady the barge,"


Woods rapidly turns his head towards Everton as he attempts to get his attention, Woods looks back out to sea as he say's, "Skipper, should I head for the eye?." A roar of waves is heard - Woods quickly looks back again towards Everton before facing the sea once again. Everton continues his awkward silence.


Suddenly Steve Baker appears from the ladders as he makes his way into the wheelhouse, Steve speaks out with anger as he say's "What the hell is going on up here". Steve is angry that the Captain has not warned him and his men of the situation.


Steve holds onto a ceiling rail with his left hand as he approaches the captain, Steve say's "Captain, the engine room is taking on water." - Captain Everton instantly snaps to attention and say's with a sarcastic tone, "Well, then, pump it out mister, You're the bloody engineer." Everton quickly turns away from Steve, Steve shouts out "We can't get in" Everton turns his head slightly, Foster moves over to a computer monitor and begins to read the data for wind speed and other important factors. More crashing sounds of waves are heard.


Steve continues and say's loudly "The bulkhead took a hit, and the door's wedged tight." Steve looks out to sea as he say's "Hiko's cutting it now". Everton also turns and looks out at the unforgiving ocean. Dramatic orchestral music is heard to provide the sound score. 


A piercing wind is heard infused with a continuous patter of heavy rain and sea water, Water flows rapidly down the windows as the Sea Star tugboat sways in an up and down motion. Steve suddenly notices the condition of the barge as he say's with a serious tone, "Jesus Christ, The barge!"


The barge is in major trouble as it fights to maintain stability in the rough waters, The large storage containers are beginning to slip and slide and it is only a matter of time before some begin to fall off and float down to an icey grave. A large pile of timber has already been lost and more lose timber is now covering the tops of the storage containers. A loud sound of jingling chains is heard - Suddenly a large and powerful wave approaches the barge at full speed, A loud rumbling sound of water is heard.


The tidal forces are powerful as the massive wave smashes over the front end of the barge and into the storage containers and lose timber. A red storage container instantly slides and falls into the deep water, Hundreds of wooden beams accompany the container as they are swept away by the tremendous forces of the wave. A loud sound of smashing wood and jingling chains is heard.


Steve cannot believe what he is seeing and now knows that the barge is more of a liability than a quick buck. Steve suddenly breaks away from the sea as he turns his head towards Foster and Woods as he say's loudly with a serious tone, "We gotta cut that damn thing loose!" Steve looks back to Everton with a frustrated and angry complexity as Captain Everton replies, "That's not an option, Mr Baker."


Woods quickly turns his head around as he shouts over "Skipper, should I head for the breach?"


Woods continues, "I need an answer now, I'm losing her." Foster is engrossed as she studies her monitor for weather information, 


A sound of electronic static is heard as the monitor for Wind speed and other criteria suddenly loses a stable image momentarily. It produces lines of wavering chaos for a brief second in time. Foster continues to study her monitor screen. Foster suddenly shouts out loudly as she maintains focus on her monitor screen. "Winds 125, Captain"


Steve Baker continues to persuade Captain Everton of the dangers of pulling the barge considering the engine room is filling up with water. Steve looks out to sea as he watches the barge struggle to stay afloat never mind keep the containers safe. Steve say's, Hey, Captain, (Steve looks back to Everton) - take a look!" - Steve looks back out to sea as he say's, That barge goes down, (Steve briefly looks out again and hesitates) - (we go down with it!") Thunder is heard - The windows flicker and flash with intense light from the storms  - Dramatic orchestral music is heard including trumpets.


Something has aroused the Captain's thoughts as he suddenly turns to Steve and say's, "Well, that's a chance I'll take." Everton looks away from Steve. Howling wind is heard. Creaking of wood and a howling wind is heard - Steve stands in silence as he looks on over towards Woods briefly, Steve looks back out at the struggling barge as he ponders his rational thoughts. Steve looks back to a silent Everton for a few seconds in silence. Steve suddenly speaks and say's "I'm cutting it loose.". Steve immediately moves off from his position to carry out the task.


A sound of metal is heard as Everton reacts to Steve's blunt but sensible words, Wind is heard - Everton takes two staggered steps to his right as he produces a handgun. Everton speaks out with a furious anger, "Stay away from that door, mister." A strike of lightening fills the atmosphere as the windows flash a bright white. Everton is silent as he threatens Steve with his life.

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