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A loud sound of children playing and laughing can be heard from a distance, A voice is suddenly heard as Joyce who is Shelby's sister suddenly speaks "You know when, When Shelby was little.. Shelby responds with slight annoyance, "Mom"..The next day has arrived and Elliot and Shelby are having a lovely picnic at the local park accompanied by Joyce who is Shelby's sister and Gerry who is Shelby's dad. Elliot is feeling agitated and nervous as he shakes his right foot up and down at very fast intervals in expectations of a phone call. Shelby has wrapped her right leg around Elliot's left. (Children are heard)


Joyce continues, "She used to always go on about the wedding she was gonna have." Joyce is a little sarcastic as she speaks her words and lengthens the word have.. Elliot is silent as he stares at Joyce and does not seem to happy, Suddenly Elliot turns his head right as he looks across the field, A few seconds pass and Elliot looks back to Shelby. 


Joyce continues, "And it always got bigger.." Joyce leans forward slightly as she expresses her words  - (Shelby takes a sip of her drink) Shelby smiles at Elliot before lowering her right hand with beverage in hand before looking across towards her sister. Shelby looks down at the table as she rests her glass to the wooden bench. Shelby instantly looks back to Elliot before smiling intensively.. Shelby looks back to Joyce.. Joyce leans back from the table as she swings out her right hand. Gerry looks down as he smiles widely from the words from Joyce, Suddenly Gerry raises his right hand and scratches his right ear for a few seconds in time..Gerry looks up and is very happy today..(A loud shout from a small child is heard which causes Elliot to turn his head away from the table and look across the field) Elliot turns back as he leans forward and pushes his right hand down firmly onto his leg. Elliot's fingers are edgy and he is just not himself today.


Joyce continues as she looks down slightly, "By the time she was" looks up and towards Elliot, Joyce hesitates as she looks towards Gerry before saying, "12", Joyce raises her left hand up and towards Gerry, (Male voice is heard in the distance) Joyce's earrings shake slightly..


Joyce becomes sentimental and overcome with emotions as she say's with enthusiasm, "She was riding in at the head of a parade of elephants". Elliot listens as his eyes flit from side to side..


Gerry is finding the situation rather amusing as he raises his head and leans back slightly as he chuckles profusely, Gerry leans down slightly as he looks over towards Shelby and Elliot..Joyce beams with happiness as she also chuckles with delight at her own words..


Image Above and Below - New Orleans City Park


Shelby looks down as she closes her eyes unable to looks her sister in the eye, Shelby bursts with the giggles as the words create an image in her mind for her..Shelby rests her right hand on her nose as her funny bone takes over, Shelby looks up as Joyce explodes with rapturous laughter.Joyce coughs. Gerry looks down as he laughs also,  


Joyce continues barely able to continue the sentence, "attended by six eunuchs! A eunuch (/ˈjuːnək/ YOO-nək) is a man who has been castrated. Throughout history, castration often served a specific social function. The earliest records for intentional castration to produce eunuchs are from the Sumerian city of Lagash in the 21st century BC. Elliot is not finding the situation at all funny as he looks over towards Shelby..


Shelby nods up and down slightly as she say's over to Joyce, "I've since amended that.."Shelby looks down happy and reminiscent..Gerry holds a small piece of potato in his right hand, 


Suddenly Elliot's flip cell phone begins to emanate the ring tone, Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik, Elliot rapidly snaps away from the table conversation as he looks down at the vibrating device that is in his right trouser pocket. 


Elliot quickly retrieves his phone as he groans loudly while saying "One second" Elliot quickly stands up and begins to walk away from the picnic he say's "Give me one second in a rushed tone of voice.."


Elliot rapidly spins himself free from the table in a clockwise motion as he looks down at his phone while bringing it up to chest level with both hands. Gerry now has a glass of red wine in his left hand, Gerry smiles as he looks right and towards Shelby. Shelby raises her right hand and places a grape into her mouth, Joyce continues to chat to Gerry as her head moves ever so slightly, Gerry leans his head down as he also begins to chat with Shelby and Joyce..Gerry tilts his head right before turning to Joyce. A woman wearing a purple jacket and white woolly hat walks across the field from the right as she makes her way to a small child who is sat down.  A child suddenly appears from the right at a running speed. The child stops after a few seconds and turns around. A click is heard as Elliot raises his phone to his right ear as he moves off. (Elliot's grey jumper sways in and out) (Elliot say's with eagerness, "Hello?" The elderly male game show host begins to speak with the same enthusiasm and zest, "Good morning Mr Brindle.." A light scrunching of Elliot's feet are heard as he crosses the grass) Elliot's left arm swings in and out with rhythm..(Children are heard) Elliot looks behind him momentarily as the game show host speaks and say's "This is challenge three of 13.." Elliot turns back around as he walks further, The male game show host continues, "For $5,000, Make a child cry.."


Elliot blinks as a strange feeling of shock fills his body, Elliot blinks as he steps forward slowly and with much less enthusiasm than a few moments ago. "Elliot say's with unbelievable inclinations, "What?"..The male host continues, "You have 5 minutes"..Elliot's face changes as he becomes much more stressed and say's "What", Elliot is finding the challenge hard to bare..The game show host instantly replies, "We wish you luck.." (Children laughing and screaming is heard) Elliot stops on the spot as his mind begins to work some overtime..An electronic crackle is heard as the caller hangs up.. A whistling and echoing pan synthesizer effect is heard to provide atmosphere..


Shelby suddenly stands up from her seat and begins to make her way over to her fiancee... Shelby shouts over with happiness, "Elliot..." Shelby holds her hands together as she smiles brightly while walking over.. Shelby twists around clockwise as she lifts her left leg first over the grey plastic seating. Shelby sways her elbows from side to side in a rhythmic movement as she produces a light crunching of feet. (Shelby's hair also shakes gently from the soft forces) Joyce watches as Shelby leaves the table space, Gerry takes a long swig of his fine wine as he also watches his daughter make her way over to Elliot.. (A loud shout from a girl is heard "Daddy" The word is shouted long and stretched


Elliot slowly turns around anti clockwise as he watches Shelby come closer and closer.. Shelby smiles wildly as she say's "Everything Okay"..(Shelby blinks) Scrunching of grass is heard from Shelby's feet) Shelby stops dead in front of Elliot as she instantly raises her right hand and places a large grape into it.. Elliot say's cautiously, "Yeah!!" Children are heard)) Shelby stands silent as she momentarily balances the piece of fruit between her teeth.


Elliot stands silent as he watches Shelby eating her fruit, Suddenly Elliot takes in a long and deep breath of cool park air as he raises his eyebrows and looks down avoiding eye contact. Elliot turns his head slightly left as he say's "And now I gotta urinate".. Elliot steps back slightly as he raises his eyebrows and smiles at his fiancee. Shelby hesitates then say's as she shakes her head up and down, "Right, Elliot sticks his tongue out between his mouth for a split second before leaning awkwardly to his right. (Children have become very excited and they are all talking singing and laughing at the same time) Suddenly a female parent shouts out over the top of the excited children as she attempts for them to take notice)


Shelby begins to step backwards away from Elliot as she say's "I'll just post it on Facebook.." Shelby gives Elliot a wide eyed stare as she speaks before turning away from him anti clockwise. Shelby's mouth strains and her cheeks bulge slightly from the fruit she is chewing on))


Elliot raises both of his hands up to signal to Shelby that everything is cool, Elliot outstretches his left hand as he points his index finger up in the air before lowering in to Shelby's level. Elliot holds up his cell phone in his other hand  before quickly lowering that arm.. Shelby shouts over, "We can put out a proper press release later.." Elliot shakes out his left hand in agreement of Shelby's actions..Elliot nods quickly in agreement before turning clockwise and away from her..(A squealing of children is heard close by similar to a cat) Elliot looks to his left as he begins to observe his environment. (Eyes flit from side to side)


Kids are heard Yahh Yahh, Children laugh and giggle with immense happiness - An Eerie synthesizer pan note is heard to provide atmosphere..Elliot begins to walk forward as he scopes the busy park for a suitable victim, This sort of behaviour is not something Elliot would do normally, it is the chance to become a multi-millionaire that is spurring him on. (Shelby quickly returns to the picnic table as she instantly sits back down while lifting her right leg over the seating. Joyce now holds a glass of red wine in her right hand.. Elliot looks to the left and begins to walk forward as he looks to his right, 


In the distance a family of four are enjoying the hot sunshine and clean air as they play and relax. A small girl to the right suddenly bends down as she begins to drink some fresh water from a yellow fountain. The girls braids wobble slightly as she moves to the side of the water dispenser. The girl quickly looks up and over across the park before looking down.. A young woman stands motionless next to a yellow and black pram in silence as she looks down at her cell phone. A small girl wearing a green top holds up her right hand as she drinks from a plastic beaker. The girl sways to her right before lowering the bottle down and placing a pink top back to the container. A man relaxing on a wooden seat quickly raises his left hand and places it over his face for several seconds before lowering it again. The man suddenly looks to the right and over across the field. 


Elliot watches as people go about there daily lives as he attempts to find a suitable subject. Elliot maintains a slow and methodical walk forward a step at a time, Elliot now looks to his left as the children play.


From the other side of City park Elliot can see more children and adults enjoying there day out. A bold headed man wearing a brown shirt and dark glasses slowly walks forward between two large trees as he holds a little girls hand with his right hand. The man is carrying a folder in his left hand, suddenly the man looks down at his daughter as he guides her carefully through the terrain. A young boy has climbed a large tree and is now in the process of climbing down. The boy carefully leans forward as he pushes with both hands behind him. A young girl wearing a pink top and shorts is also making her way down the large tree trunk as she uses both hands to steady herself. A small boy stands next to her and could be her brother..A slightly older boy clings to a large tree trunk with both hands as he carefully navigates his safe return to the ground. His mother wearing a brown overcoat and white hat rests her right hand onto the tree as she patiently waits for the boy to jump down safely. The boy removes his right hand from the tree trunk and looks down ready to jump. Children scream and shout with happiness - A slow piano theme is now heard to provide the sound score.. (Leaves bristle in the cool breeze)


Elliot leans slightly to his right as he scopes the City Park to his left, Elliot's eyes flit from side to side as he attempts to find a suitable target. Elliot slowly turns his head slightly left before rapidly turning completely to his left at speed. (A young girl screams out "Come on" as she plays with the other children. Elliot leans to his left as he continues to search.


Elliot slowly turns his head right before looking forward..Elliot sways on his feet again as he continues to look across the field and into the distance..


In the distance Elliot has spotted a young girl who is on her way down the novelty bridge..The girl is very energetic as she skips down the slope, Her arms flail out from either side as she hops and skips towards a large building structure. Two adults are stood on the bridge chatting to each other, The man is looking down at the water below before leaning back, The man folds his arms as he rests forward on the rails..The woman brings up her right arm as she also looks down at the water. Slow piano theme continues infused with the sound of children playing.. (Leaves bristle in the cool breeze)


Elliot stands silent and motionless as he watches the child make her way closer and closer. Suddenly Elliot becomes edgy on his feet as he sways from side to side, Elliot quickly looks behind him from his left as he continues to move forward, Elliot turns and begins to walk towards the energetic young girl..A continuous key of tubular bells are heard - 


A light tapping of feet is heard as the young girl skips her way to the large building, Her hair flails as she rhythmically hops and jumps her way forward. 


Suddenly Elliot catches up with the girl just before she enters into a doorway, A loud thud of wood is heard as Elliot blocks the child's way and shuts the door firmly..Elliot is out of breath as he stands above the girl, Elliot is silent and is thinking about what he might say to make her cry. 


The young girl is mesmerised by the stranger as she looks up at him in silence and motionless, Elliot breaks the ice as he say' with a friendly tone of voice, "Hey"..(Takes a deep breath) Elliot bends down so that he can speak to the girl at face level. An adult males voice can be heard talking in close vicinity.. The girl follows with her head and her eyes as Elliot lowers himself down to the ground..


Birds are heard tweeting loudly - Elliot slides his left hand down the door frame as he looks to his right fleetingly, Elliot looks behind him just to make sure no one is watching,  Elliot quickly turns to face the young girl as he say's with a tone of seriousness, "Your mommy doesn't love you".. Elliot is silent as he waits for a response from the young girl..


The girl rests her right hand on the bottom of the door frame as she looks at the stranger, The girl does not react at first but then speaks out with a sad and bewildered tone, The girl speaks slowly "Yes she does"..The girl bunches her eyebrows with confusion as Elliot continues, They don't want to let you know, but the man from the orphanage is coming to take you away.."


Elliot lowers his head slightly as he looks at the girl with a sincere look of truth, The girl hesitates before shaking her head and saying with a sad voice, "That's not true."' Elliot's eyes flit right as he focuses on the young girls parents who are still talking on the bridge. Elliot widens his eyes as his mouth opens wide before looking down as his mouth moves rapidly to express his words..Elliot speaks with confidence, "Yes it is" he looks back up to her..


Elliot shakes his head positively as he looks back over towards the girls parents with wide and staring eyes..Birds tweet - Adult voices are heard - Elliot continues as he looks down slightly while maintaining eye contact with the girls parents. 'That's what there talking about right now"..Elliot fleeting looks to the girl then back over to the girls parents.


Elliot's words have now caused a reaction as the young girl rapidly turns around anti clockwise and looks over towards the bridge. The girls face has changed to one of worry as she contemplates what her parents are talking about..


The two parents are now in a deep conversation as they change positions on the novelty bridge, The girls mother shakes out her hands from side to side as she expresses her words and say's "Today, we have to do it."


Parrots are heard squawking loudly - The young girl quickly turns back to face Elliot who is completely silent. (The girls brown hair sways softly from her movements) Elliot maintains his wide eyes as he stares at the girl, Suddenly Elliot speaks clearly and with a tone of seriousness. "It's Because..of what you did.." 


The girl is silent and motionless as she looks at Elliot, Elliot maintains his position and won't back down on his words, The girl looks down and away from Elliot as she begins to think about what she did. Suddenly the girl can stand no more of Elliot's bullying as she swiftly turns away from the door in a anti clockwise motion and back to her parents. The young girl starts to cry out loudly for her mum, "Mummy!" Mummy she cries loudly as she makes her way back.


The girl is now very traumatised and will tell her mummy everything that Elliot has said, A fast tapping of feet is heard as the girl runs back home as fast as her little legs will carry her. Suddenly a loud ding ding sound emanates from Elliot's flip cell phone device..


A deep rumbling sound is heard - Elliot is flabbergasted at what he has just done as his mouth opens wide, Elliot looks down at his phone to see if he has been awarded a cash prize or been disqualified. The camera quickly pans down to Elliot's right hand as he rests the phone in his hand.


To Elliot's satisfaction his phone display now shows that Challenge 3 has been completed, He has also been awarded %5,000 for his efforts. (Parrots are heard) The young girl can be heard crying loudly as she sobs her heart out to her mum and dad. Elliot has certainly threw a spanner in the works and he will have to make a fast exit if he does not want the wrath of the girls parents on his ass. 


Elliot rapidly stands as he shouts out loudly to himself, I'm so sorry!" Elliot is traumatised and shocked that he actually carried out the game show hosts instructions..Elliot looks down fleetingly before quickly breaking away and running across the concrete forecourt and back to Shelby Joyce and Gerry.


As the young girl reaches the bottom of the novelty bridge the father turns his head to check on his daughter. The mother shouts out, Whats the matter? - The man shouts out, "What's wrong sweetie" as he pulls away from the railings. 


A dreamy low level synthesizer melody plays to provide atmosphere. Elliot sprints back across the field and back to the picnic table, Elliot knows he has got to clear out as soon as possible as the girls parents will be looking for him. 


Elliot quickly comes up from behind Shelby as he umms loudly as a way for her to take attention..(Elliot's lips bunch tightly for a second) Elliot looks towards Shelby as he say's, "I guess we are off" as he touches her left arm.. (Shelby is folding away the brown table cloth with both hands)


Shelby does not respond as Elliot say's "Yep"  Gerry is biding his time with a white cloth as his right and left hands twist around the cotton material as he holds it over the picnic box. Elliot looks down at the table as he say's, "I'll get that", Elliot reaches over with his right hand and takes hold of the cloth from Gerry, Elliot places the cloth into the large picnic box. Joyce smiles as she leans over and retreives the brown table cloth from Shelby. Joyce is talking to Shelby but Gerry is quiet..Joyce is heard saying, "You tell me about it?" A chinking sound of a wine glass is heard - (Children are heard in the distance)


Joyce gently shakes the folded cloth out as she carefully lays it flat to the table. Shelby is rubbing her right arm with her left as she stands over the table, Suddenly Shelby raises both hands up and over her eyes. Gerry places another item into the picnic box as Elliot say's Thank you while looking directly at him. Elliot rapidly places a wine glass into the box before quickly looking behind him for any movement. (Chinking of glass is heard) Gerry retrieves a plastic wrap that contains a pastry from the table top with his left hand. Tree fern rapidly shakes in the breeze. 


A scrunching of plastic is heard as Gerry hands the food item over to Elliot, Elliot say's "I got it as he places the item into the picnic box with his left hand. 


A few minutes have passed and Elliot and Shelby have made it back to the car, Gerry has also brought his car for the occasion as he waves good bye to his daughter, Shelby shouts out, "Bye Dad".. Gerry waves over to his daughter as he assists Joyce into getting into the passenger side door. Gerry leans over as he closes the passenger door, (A loud thud is heard as Gerry slams the door shut with his right hand at speed) Gerry instantly walks around the car from the front to reach the drivers door. A loud thud is heard as Elliot slams his driver side door shut) Elliot gyrates as he prepares to put on his seat belt, Elliot leans steeply backwards towards Shelby as he tussles with the seat belt. A loud rumbling sound of car materials and metal seat belt is heard) 


As Elliot leans back into his seat he say's with a rushed tone of voice, "If you want, I can just go pick my dad up myself, Elliot is silent momentarily as he looks down to his right and fumbles with the seat belts buckle lock, Elliot pulls the belt further forward with his left hand at speed before locking it into place with the mechanism. (Crunching of metal is heard) Elliot quickly looks up at Shelby as he say's  "and ah.. drop you off at home.." Elliot quickly leans forward as he begins to start the engine..


Shelby lowers her head down slightly as she expresses her words, "Are you trying to get rid of me?" (Children are heard shouting out loudly"


A double clunk is heard as Elliot begins to start the engine, Elliot looks to Shelby fleetingly as he say's sarcastically, "No!" Elliot looks down at the steering wheel as the cars engine starts, A rumbling sound from the engine is heard) Crunch is heard as Elliot pulls down on the turn signal indicator stick as he prepares to reverse out. As Elliot looks behind from his right shoulder he say's, "Were not even married yet, and it's already started.." A light thud is heard as Elliot swings his right arm over the passenger seat as he carefully manoeuvres out from the tight spot..Elliot begins to turn the steering wheel up and down rapidly with his left hand. Shelby say's "A little Woman right? Suddenly a high pitched shout is heard "Hey!"


Suddenly from no where the mother of the young girl has reared her ugly head as she seeks retribution from Elliot's actions.. To Shelby's horror the unknown woman has picked up a large black bin and has hoisted it over her head with both hands,


The woman is enraged and very upset as she suddenly tosses the bin over the bonnet of the car, A loud thud is heard followed by a loud rumbling as the trash can hits the bonnet and then the front window at speed. 


Elliot rapidly looks back at the front windscreen in shock and horror as the black trash can rolls up the window at speed before disappearing over the top of the car for an instance in time. (Elliot jerks with fright) (Spit explodes from Elliot's mouth) The mother of the girl is at boiling point and will do anything to protect her daughter. The trash can rolls back down over the glass at speed as Elliot stares out of the window.


The large black trash can bounces from the bonnet at speed as it twists around like a fair ground ride. The edge of the bin steers over the bonnet before it falls to the ground below. The mother screams out with rage and total loss of control, "What the.....Fuck?" 


The mother is stood at the front of the vehicle and is having a complete meltdown, She screams with anger over towards Shelby and Elliot, "How fucking dare you?" "What kind of a dirty pervert are you?.." Gerry is making his escape as he pulls away from the parking space.. The infuriated woman is full of intense energy as she makes her way forward towards Shelby. (The car skids loudly as Elliot reverses)


Elliot looks down as he pushes the turn signal indicator upwards, Shelby shouts out loudly with distress "Stop the car!" Shelby hesitates then repeats her words (Stop the car) Elliot looks out of the passenger side window with complete fear as he spots the enraged mother, Elliot rapidly spins the steering wheel in a anti clockwise motion with both hands as he attempts to escape the wrath of the parents. A loud skidding is heard as the car gets into motion - Elliot shouts out :Jesus no" The mother shouts out again with extreme vexation, "You sick twisted fucks"..


Elliot begins to speed off at high speed as he floors the accelerator, As the vehicle passes the enraged mother on Shelby's side she shouts out loudly, "Get back here"..Shelby is not finding the situation amusing as she leans her head slightly out of the window with agitation from the mad mother..(Shelby looks the woman in the face as the car passes)


Elliot shouts out as he attempts to cool the situation that has now arisen with Shelby and the girls mother.."Whoa!" Elliot shouts out the words in quick succession - Baby, Stop Stop Stop". Elliot takes hold of Shelby's left shoulder with his right hand as he  looks over towards her for a moment in time..


Shelby shouts out loudly with vexation as Elliot drives away at speed, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Shelby shakes her head out as she say's the word Fuck to express her anger. (Shelby watches the woman slowly disappear as the car travels) Elliot quickly lowers his hand away from Shelby;s shoulder as he drives away from City Park. (The engine now produces a loud humming of acceleration as it kicks into motion, the sound increases in volume as the car gains speed) Elliot leans forward slightly as his mouth opens wide, Shelby has now become much more upset as she shouts back at the young girls mother, Shelby shakes her head with anger."Fuck you!" Shelby shouts the words long and hard as her vexation hits boiling point also.. Shelby sticks up her left middle finger into the air to show the woman that she does not appreciate her behaviour.. Elliot changes to a higher gear)


Elliot looks back at his fiancee momentarily before looking back at the road. Both Elliot and Shelby remain silent for the time being..


The sound of church bells is heard - A loud ding is heard as the bells sound stretches until slowly fading away. (Birds are heard chirping) The camera slowly pans down to reveal the facade and structural design of the quaint church. 


Another loud ding of the churches large bell is heard - The camera continues to pan down to reveal the ground level. The camera pauses for a few seconds at the front of the church..


Another ding is heard - Father is in deep prayer as he bows his head and rests his elbows over the church's pew. All is quiet inside the church and there is no audible chatter or music.. (Elliot has picked up his father and brought him to his local church.) Father is motionless and extremely silent..


Suddenly a loud clonking of feet is heard as Elliot and Shelby appear from a left side entrance. (Elliot suddenly points his left hand up and over towards father as he say's to Shelby with a whisper, "He's right there"..Both Shelby and Elliot continue to walk into the church as they make there way over to father. The rest of the congregation are also in deep prayer and are silent and motionless. Elliot has picked Shelby up from home and brought her to the church) Suddenly father lifts his head up slightly as he rubs his interlinked hands against his forehead before resting them above his eyes. 


A single electronic beep is heard as the churches security camera slowly turns right. Two more beeps in quick succession are then heard.


Suddenly Elliot's cell phone begins to ring which causes him to look down at the rumbling device - As we know the ringtone is called Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik. Elliot bends his legs as he retrieves his phone with his right hand out of his right side trouser pocket. Shelby looks down as she watches Elliot's hands scramble for the device.. Father has now awoken from his deep thoughts as he rests his clasps hands against his chin, (Father blinks several times) A man to the back of the church wearing a black suit looks to his right at the sound of the phone) An elderly lady sat at the back row to the left also looks over towards Elliot and Shelby..


Elliot's phone vibrates loudly as he struggles to retrieve it at speed, Shelby continues to look down and then further up as she settles on Elliot's right shoulder momentarily. Shelby steps away from Elliot as she stares at him in silence. A loud click is heard as Elliot flips up the cell phones lid, Shelby;s eyes widen as her mouth opens wide with a dislike for the frequent new ring tone. As Shelby continues to step back she whispers loudly over to Elliot, "I'm not loving this new ring tone..".Shelby looks down at the phone fleetingly as she expresses her opinion..


Elliot whispers back "I'm sorry" as he raises his left left hand up and outstretched to emphasise his apology.. Elliot quickly raises his phone to his right ear as he eagerly listens for the next challenge.. Tapping of feet from Shelby is heard as she turns away from Elliot anti clockwise, As Shelby turns she smiles brightly at the elderly lady sat in the congregation while avoiding eye contact with Elliot. Shelby mimes the words "Okay" as she walks away from Elliot.


Elliot moves his head slightly from side to side as the male game show host instantly begins to speak, (Takes a rapid breath of air) "This next one's worth $10,000 dollars. 


A light tapping of feet is heard as Shelby continues to walk up the middle of the church's aisle as she makes her way to Elliots father. Shelby looks to her right momentarily before looking forward..Elliot turns away as he looks down while resting his left hand on the end of a pew. Elliot looks more to his left as he listens to the male host..A woman to the right suddenly lowers her head down in prayer..


The male game show host continues, "Challenge four of Thirteen:.. Elliot suddenly looks behind him as he listens to the devious voice, Shelby continues down the aisle.. The male game show host continues, "We'd like to draw your attention to a nativity scene".. Elliot quickly turns back the other way in a clockwise motion as he stares down to the bottom of the church where the altar resides. 


The male game show host continues, "Handcrafted in darkness by the children of the Chabert Home for the Blind.." A low level breeze and ambience engulfs the church. (A low level crash of synthesizer effects is heard) Shelby has reached father as she gently touches his his back with her left hand..A tap from Shelby's boots is heard)


Shelby leans over ever so slightly as she speaks carefully and softly, "Hey Bill",(Shelby smiles) (Bill tilts his head instantly right from Shelby's voice as he attempts to digest her voice) (Bill twists his head even more as he attempts to make eye contact), Shelby hesitates as she leans a little more closer and say's "You ready?".. Bill nods his head down as he say's with a tone of sarcasm, "Yeah.. I'm fucking ready" ( From behind a man wearing a black suit suddenly stands to allow a woman who is sat next to him to pass. The woman pushes by using the pew as a guide with her hands, The woman begins to walk up and towards the altar..Bill begins to stand up as a clunking of wood is heard) Bill removes his right hand from the pew as he looks right and down at the floor momentarily, (More clonking is heard as Bill takes hold of his walking stick with his right hand. A thud is heard as Bill rapidly lifts his walking stick up a few inches and then back down again..Shelby leans back up and her smile has diminished. Shelby moves her left hand slightly towards her right fleetingly.. Shelby looks down as Bill stands.


.Shelby looks up at Bill and her smile returns..Bill say's, What do you think" I gotta piss like a racehorse.." Suddenly Bill loses his strength as he lunges forward over the pew momentarily, Bill holds onto the pew with his left hand, Clunk is heard as Bill lifts his walking stick up and then down as he makes his way to his wheelchair a few feet away. Bill leans to his right (Thud is heard) Shelby touches the back of Bill once again as she looks down, Shelby say's with reassurance, "Okay"..Shelby lets out a shush of air..


Elliot continues to listen to the male game show host as he say's "We wish you luck.." Elliot quickly turns on his feet a quarter turn as he listens intensively, Elliot turns his head more as his eyes flit from side to side, Elliot whispers with a sensible conscience "You can't be serious." A click of electronic crackling is heard as the game show host hangs up.. Tubular bells provide the sound score.. Elliot has now been instructed to carry out a little D.I.Y on the time served decoration.


A few minutes have passed and Elliot has managed to elude the Sexton of the holy establishment and even Shelby as she is assisting Bill with his urgent toilet errand. Elliot slides through an open door with the large decoration in hand before turning anti clockwise and facing forward. An angel with yellow ribbon as it's wings shakes frantically as Elliot carries the hand crafted piece. Elliot looks behind him momentarily before looking forward once again. A fast tapping of feet is heard from Elliot as he quickly makes his way along the corridor, 


Father's voice is heard from the toilet as he speaks to Shelby, "The baby was a miscalculation." (Elliot strains slightly as he carries the semi heavy decoration to a suitable location) Father continues, "Elliot's already collapsing under the weight of it.." (A short burst of a snare drum provides the sound score)


The running sound of urine is heard as Father relieves himself, Father continues to speak as Shelby creates a text message with her left hand, Shelby's hand left index finger quickly presses down on the keypad as she spells out her words. (Father moves his head slightly as he speaks) Father continues, "Your get tired of propping him up." Father expresses his words as he say's "Years go by"..and your bitterness will grow in proportion to your ass."


Shelby is now using two thumbs as she inputs text onto the phone screen, Her thumbs gyrate rapidly in an up and down motion.. Shelby is silent and has not responded to Father's words. (Suddenly a rush of water is heard as Father flushes the commercial toilet.)


Father slowly turns as he rests his left hand on top of a wall divider panel, Father hunches his mouth as he rests his back against the divider panel in silence, his body movements are slow and orthodox.  Shelby is showing no interest in Father as she continues to text on her phone. Father sways to his right slightly as he stares at Shelby in thought, Shelby smiles as she receives a new text message from her actions, (Running water is still heard) Suddenly Bill speaks and say's, "(Come here and give me a hand).. Bill moves his right hand over his unzipped trousers momentarily as he signals for her to help him.." Shelby blinks as she slowly looks up from the words of father.. A dripping of water is now heard..


Father continues, "With my zipper please." Shelby instantly looks around to father before looking down at his crutch area. Shelby is silent as she looks back up to father.. (Shelby has stopped texting)


Bill raises both of his hands up to chest level as he expresses his words and say's, "My arthritis.." Bill shakes his hands up and down to indicate that he needs some help.. Bill lowers his hands as he stares across at Shelby..A continuous high pitched synthesizer key is heard to provide the sound score..


Shelby is silent and motionless as she stares over towards Father, Shelby's body language indicates that she does not really want to zip up fathers trousers but will have to anyway.. Suddenly a loud snap is heard as Shelby closes the lid of her cell phone with both hands..


A rushing drum beat is heard to provide atmosphere for the next scene - A tapping of wood is heard as Elliot quickly appears from a large set of carved oak doors. (A cars horn is heard) Fast glockenspiel notes provide the sound score))The left side oak door slowly slides open as Elliot escapes out into the chapels garden area. Elliot looks to his left momentarily, Elliot looks to his right as he begins to tip toe his way across the gardens square concrete slabs..


Elliot looks over between a set of brown curtains as he slowly moves forward one step at a time, Elliot looks down as he progresses, Suddenly Elliot bends sown as he rests the holy decoration onto an old wooden bench. A loud crash of wood and materials is heard as Elliot sets the heavy object down, Decoration shakes for a moment from the forces) 


Elliot quickly looks behind himself to check that no one is watching, The white angel with yellow ribbon for wings blows around in all directions from a cool breeze, Elliot looks back down at the nativity scene as he contemplates his actions.. A nativity scene is a three-dimensional depiction of the Nativity of Jesus. It is also called a crib, manger or crèche. Typically, a large scale scene includes: the Holy Family, the angels, the Magi, the ox and the donkey, and an assortment of shepherds, villagers, servants and others. Elliot slowly takes a single step backwards..


Continuous violins are now heard - Suddenly a loud strike of match and grit is heard as Elliot lights up a match, His hands are rapid as he holds the burning match in his right hand.. Elliot slowly lowers his right hand as he ignites the bottom right ceiling portion of the decoration.. (A loud flash of fire is heard as the dry wood instantly catches on fire. The flames rapidly expand and climb up the roof of the decoration, A much larger flame instantly appears from the bottom edge of the roof as it begins to consume the dry materials with ease..(A rumbling of hot flames is now heard)


Elliot stands motionless as he watches the hot flames consume the holy decoration, Elliot suddenly gyrates as he steps back slightly after feeling his phone begin to vibrate. (Two dings are heard in quick succession from the cell phone)  Elliot looks down as he pillages his pockets for the device, Elliot taps his pockets with both hands as he attempts to find his phone (A light thud of materials is heard) Elliot pushes his hand inside his right pocket rapidly as he locates his cell phone device..Elliot begins to bring his phone up to chest level with both hands. Elliot quickly opens the phones flip top with his left hand..(A loud click is heard as the phone flips open) Large flames are emanating from the decoration as smoke begins to billow out)


To Elliot's satisfaction his cell phone screen now displays a completion text. Challenge 4 completed, $10,000 added. (The rumbling of fire is heard)


The hot flames are beginning to take hold of the decoration as the roof burns intensively, The camera wobbles slightly in an up and down motion for a moment in time, From a short distance a sound of metal and junk being disturbed is heard as Elliot quickly runs in that direction..


Suddenly Elliot begins to hum to himself as he begins to pat down firmly on top of the decoration with a wooden corn broom. As Elliot pats down firmly onto the ceiling of the decoration the fire becomes much more hostile as it belches upwards, A loud whooshing sound is heard each time Elliot strikes down with the corn broom.


Elliot looks to his right fleetingly as he attempts to extinguish the flames, Elliot looks up at the sky as he frantically pats down on the burning decoration with the broom. (A fast whooshing sound is heard) Elliot looks down and then back up as he continues to hum and pat fast and furiously. Elliot looks back down again as he frantically swipes the broom down as fast as he can. (Elliot's face is strained and hot) Smoke licks under the decoration as it glides effortlessly from the cool breeze. 


Elliot is now getting into the rhythm as he hums for each strike of the corn broom, Huge flames attack and follow the broom as it lifts from the burning materials, Small red hot embers explode out from the brush as the flames intensify.. Elliot strikes down on the roof of the decoration with a short burst of strikes in quick succession)


Elliot grimaces as he continues to strike down on the decoration, The heat and smoke is now growing expotentially and it seems unlikely Elliot will be able to extinguish the fire. Suddenly another loud whooshing sound is heard, This time the sound is elongated and much more potent, As Elliot strikes down a small amount of burning materials has made it's way over to the brown curtains..A rapid explosion of creeping flames instantly engulfs the left side curtain from Elliot's perspective. The flames are rapid and extremely hot as they travel upwards, Elliot strikes down for a final time before looking at his smoking and burning corn broom, Elliot can concede that his efforts have been futile and have only made the situation worse..Smoke belches from the hot broom as Elliot considers his options..Elliot twists the broom anti clockwise as he ponders his escape.. Suddenly Elliot looks over towards the blazing curtain as his heart sinks and his worries increase..The curtain is fully on fire and it will now require a fire extinguisher to put out. 


Suddenly more roaring of fire is heard as the central curtain ignites at rapid speed, The fire also rages upwards at high speed engulfing and consuming the soft fabrics with great gluttony..To make matters even worse the spread of fire also ignites the next curtain along, Now all three curtains are ablaze and it will be impossible for Elliot to put the flames out..Elliot is bewildered and shocked by his actions as he stands motionless for a moment in time, (An intense roaring sound is now heard) 


Elliot looks over at the third curtain that has now caught on fire as he say's with a serious tone of voice, "Fuck!" Elliot now knows he is in big trouble as the fire can only get worse from this point on..Elliot steps back slightly from the heat as he instinctively drops the corn broom to the floor below. (A loud clanking sound of wood is heard)


Elliot quickly returns to the double oak doors he appeared out of and goes back inside, (Raging fire is heard) The fire moves fast as it licks up the brown curtain material.. The pull of gravity draws colder, denser air down to the base of the flame, displacing the hot air, which rises. This convection process feeds fresh oxygen to the fire, which burns until it runs out of fuel. The upward flow of air is what gives a flame its teardrop shape and causes it to flicker.


Shelby has assisted with Fathers zip problem before helping him back to his wheelchair. Shelby is now slowly pushing Father along a back corridor as they make there way back outside..(All is quiet and there is no sound score) A rhythmic tapping from Shelby's high styled boots is heard as she slowly pushed the elderly man. Bill is in a talkative mode as he begins to speak, "I'm wondering what Elliot's told you about his mother." Bill raises his eyebrows momentarily as he looks to his left rapidly while expressing the words )About his) 


Shelby is in a sombre mood as she veers her eyes right as a man in a black suit walks by. (The man is holding a cell phone to his left ear) Shelby looks forward again as Bill continues, "he told you I was driving?"


Bill nods forward rapidly as he looks to his right before veering his eyes left, Bill say's, "He told you that, at least." Shelby replies with a simple Uh Huh..(Slow tapping continues from Shelby) Bill hesitates before looking even further left as he attempts to make eye contact with Shelby, Bill say's, "I know he thinks I was drinking.." Bill looks forward..


Shelby replies with a serious curiosity as she looks down at the elderly man, "Were you?" Bill replies, "I was in a hurry, (Shelby looks up and forward along the corridor) (Shelby's body gently sways from side to side) Bill continues, "I was a busy man in those day's"..


Bill slowly looks to his right, Looks back and forward as he say's, "Things to do, (Looks back left) "an empire to build"..(Looks forward as he shakes his head negatively several times) "I couldn't slow (Hesitates looks left) down for anything.." Bill becomes silent..


Low level synthesizer key is now heard - Shelby replies with slight irritation, "Least of all a telephone pole.." Shelby blinks - Tapping of boots continues.


Light squeaks emanate from the wheel chair as Shelby slowly pushes father along, Bill is silent as he stares ahead unable to continue the conversation..


The movie diverts back to Elliot and his dilemma, A raging inferno is heard as the massive flames consume everything in sight, Elliot has managed to find a fire extinguisher from inside the hallway and now is using it to the best of his ability. A loud whooshing sound is heard as Elliot unleashes the compressed water from the tank, (Elliot runs at speed along the curtains) Elliot grimaces as he sprays the curtains down with the fire hose, water spray ejects out at rapid speed covering Elliot's face and body.


Elliot turns back the other way as he soaks down another curtain to his right.  A plume of thick and grey water suddenly propels out of the hose body producing a loud rumbling whooshing of sound..


A high pitched ringing sound is heard to provide the sound score - The fire rages with out mercy as the hot flames leap out of the building.. A whooshing is heard from Elliot's extinguisher..Elliot can hardly been seen as a massive mist of water vapour engulfs the hallway area. Flames are inside outside and above and the fire will now require the fire brigade. A grey statue of a young boy can be seen in the distance, The boy is holding a toad against his right chest. The game is far and wide and integrates into everyday life. 


Elliot grimaces some more as he desperately attempts to subdue the flames and heat, Elliot holds up the hose with his right hand as he expels the liquid over the curtain and wall. A huge torrent of water mist and droplets explode out in all directions, Suddenly the hose begins to splutter and choke as the canister depletes of water. The whooshing sound suddenly stops to reveal the monotone rumbling of the fire. Elliot produces a face of worry as he realises the hose is now malfunctioning, Elliot looks down at the large hose as his face contorts, Elliot tilts the hose upwards before rapidly swiping it down in a futile effort to bring it back to life. A loud sound of rushing air is heard but no water is produced..Elliot rapidly turns to his left as he shouts out loudly with vexation, "Fuck!" (A loud ding sound of metal is heard as Elliot discards the hose to the burning floor below.." Elliot has decided that he can not put out the flames as he makes a fast exit down the corridor. 


A fast beeping sound is heard - A scratching of fast moving feet is heard as Elliot runs along the winding corridor in complete shock and horror at his actions..Elliot flails his arms out as he escapes the inferno,  


Suddenly to Elliot's relief he spots a fire alarm on the left side wall. Elliot rests his left hand outstretched against the wall as he tightly presses his lips together from the stress he he experiencing. Elliot lunges for the fire alarms switch as a loud clunk of Elliot's feet is hard against the solid concrete flooring. Elliot reaches up for the switch with his right hand and rapidly pulls down. (A loud click is heard) Now there is a loud wailing sound infused with a continuous fire bell - The wailing sound lasts for 5 seconds before fading and then repeating.


Elliot suddenly comes out of a door from the right as he raises his right hand to his right ear momentarily, as he does so he spins his index finger around to express his words, Elliot speaks and say's with a serious tone, "Did you hear that?" Elliot walks at a fast pace as he catches up with Shelby and his father. Shelby uhms as she turns around anti clockwise as she hears the sound of Elliot, Elliot repeats his actions as he raises his right hand to his ear and points his index and middle fingers toward his ear. Elliot speaks again as he warns Shelby of the alarm, "The fire alarm", Father smiles as he blinks before looking down. Fire alarm continues..


Elliot quickly pushes his way past Shelby as he takes control of fathers wheelchair. Shelby smiles brightly as she say's, "No, I didn't sorry." Shelby lets out a gush of air as she watches Elliot take the lead. Shelby slows for a second before continuing behind Elliot, Shelby loses her smile as she fleetingly veers her eyes up towards the ceiling as she follows behind..


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A clanking of metal is heard as Elliot places his fathers wheelchair into the boot of his vehicle, Elliot quickly leans back and stands as he looks up at the open trunk door. Elliot rapidly slams the trunk door down with his left hand. As the trunk door closes his cell phone begins to ring, the tune is called Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik.. Elliot looks down as he attempts to retrieve his phone..(A clank of metal is heard as the boot is slammed shut) Elliot fidgets with both hands as he tries to locate his illusive cell phone. The camera slowly pans around anti clockwise. (Elliot's grey jumper flutters with his movements) Elliot retrieves his phone from his right trouser pocket with his right hand before using his left to flip the lid up. 


The fire alarm can still be heard - Elliot looks down at the floor as he raises his phone to his right ear, Elliot say's with eagerness, "Hello?" The male game show host responds with zest, "Mr Brindle!." Elliot suddenly veers his eyes right as he opens his mouth wide and rubs his nose with his left index finger that he has bent into a crab shape. Elliot straightens his finger as he points it vertically for a brief moment..Elliot lowers his left hand as he looks in the other direction. Elliot say's, "I'm sorry, (Looks back right) "That was a total accident." Elliot breathes in and out several times as he recovers his oxygen levels..Elliot continues, I did not know..Elliot's words are cut short by the game show host.. Elliot turns his head slightly left as the game show host say's, "Take a breath, and when your ready to begin challenge five of 13 (Elliot's eyes flit up and down) (Elliot turns back to his right and looks down the road) Game show host continues, "Follow the unseasonably dressed person across the street." Elliot looks forward and across the road as his eyes veer over to something." Elliot looks more to his left as his eyes lock on target. Suddenly the passenger side door opens and Shelby climbs out. As Shelby stands to her feet she instantly twists around anti clockwise as she looks on over towards Elliot..Shelby slams the car door shut as she slowly makes her way over to her fiancee. (A cars engine can be heard) (Fire alarms continue) (No sound score) Trees flutter in the cool breeze


In the distance a homeless man is seen walking slowly forward along the road, he is using a red shopping trolley that is full of the man's worldly possessions. Other bags are attached to the outside of the metal frame. In the distance Shelby is seen walking around the back of the vehicle as she meets up with Elliot. Shelby say's "What's going on?" Elliot can be seen watching the homeless man make his way along the road, Elliot turns to face Shelby from her words in an anti clockwise movement, Suddenly Elliot removes the phone from his ear as he attempts to deceive Shelby. Elliot say's "ahh...I'm still working on the surprise." Elliot raises both hands up in front of Shelby as he expresses his words..A man can be seen in the distance crossing the road from the right side.. A black coloured vehicle passes from the left. A man wearing white clothing is seen jogging to the right. A silver vehicle passes from the left.. (Police car can be heard)


Elliot leans forward as he say's, "I'm gonna be gone for a couple of hours". Shelby is unhappy and is feeling left out of something she cannot fathom. Shelby is motionless as she listens to Elliot.. As Elliot leans back Shelby responds with a dejected tone of voice, "Fuck you!" Shelby nods forward slightly as she looks down at Elliot as she expresses her words. Elliot turns on his feet as his mouth opens wide as he looks back to Shelby and say's, "I'm not joking.."


Elliot begins to walk at a much faster rate as he attempts to keep up with the homeless man, Elliot looks behind him as he outstretches his left arm towards Shelby who is also following from behind.. Elliot say's "I gotta go!" Elliot turns back around as he blanks Shelby completely..Shelby shouts out as she raises out her left arm, Look If I were a paranoid bridezilla, I'd think you were getting cold feet."


Shelby looks down as she taps her left index finger several times into Elliot's left arm. Elliot turns to face Shelby as he raises his left hand out, Elliot say's, "My feet are very warm." Elliot's turns back around..Elliot takes hold of Shelby's right hand with his left as he continues up the road..Both Shelby and Elliot look forward along the road as Shelby places her left hand on top of Elliot's left. Shelby say's, "What if, just say your extremely strange behaviour...(The sound of a fire engine is heard in the distance)  Elliot releases his right hand as Shelby turns and looks Elliot in the eye. (Elliot looks back to Shelby..a PERSON WEARING A BROWN JACKET WALKS FROM THE RIGHT, A silver vehicle followed by a black vehicle travel from the left from the road at the top of the screen. (Fire truck double beep is heard in the distance)


Shelby say's, "You do agree it is extremely strange." Suddenly a fire engine appears as it travels down the road to the church just a 100 yards away..(A rumbling of engines is heard from the fire engine)..The homeless man is oblivious to the fire engine as he casually continues to push his trolley up the road..(A thick smoke bellows from behind the fire truck) From behind the homeless man Elliot and Shelby follow, Shelby hops and maintains her presence with Elliot as she expresses her opinion.. Elliot replies, "Yes...definitely" - Shelby continues, Well Well what if, hypothetically...White vehicle passes from the right at speed...Person with a blue top walks right..


Shelby continues as she clings to her fiancee, "I decided I didn't find it as delightful as all that, (Shelby hops on her feet as struggles to keep up with Elliot..Elliot avoids eye contact as Shelby speaks her mind..Elliot fleetingly looks to Shelby..Shelby hops several times in the air as she expresses her words..(Shelby smiles brightly)  (CREAM BROWN CAR TRAVELS FROM THE LEFT, Black car pulls out of road adjacent to top road, Orange car travels right from top road. Man in brown suit crosses road ahead from right side. Cream brown vehicle travels from left to right. (A squeaking of brakes is heard from the fire truck)


Shelby continues, "And I seriously wanted to know where your running off two.." Shelby's voice becomes much higher as she expresses her words "Off Two!" Suddenly a fireman appears as he makes his way out of the passenger side. The door of the fire truck rapidly slides open as the fireman steps out while holding his yellow hard hat with both hands. The fireman looks down as he makes his way down the steps of the vehicle. Elliot's father is waiting patiently in the back seat of the car as he watches the mayhem unfold. (Firemen's voices are heard) Father lowers his right hand from his right ear..


Elliot raises his left hand high in the air as he say's, "I just have to hope it blows over by tonight, I love you".. Elliot turns around clockwise as he begins to speed walk after the homeless man..Elliot shouts out loudly, "I love you as he leaves Shelby to her own demises.. Shelby stands motionless as she watches Elliot make his getaway..


A fireman shouts out from a distance, "Roger get me a line," A fireman is seen walking up the right side of the path that is adjacent to the church..Another fireman shouts out a verbal command as he follows from behind..Shelby is confused by Elliot's actions as he has been acting very weird for the past couple of days..A massive amount of a thick grey smoke is belching from the front of the church and the damage will be extensive. (Fire alarm continues to sound out from the church) (A fireman shouts loudly "Go! Go!" Lights flash on the back of the fire truck..


The scene now changes to Kenner Police Complex... A rumbling engine is heard as a police car enters the into the car park of the station, The vehicle slowly turns a corner as it locates a suitable parking slot.. Car beeps are heard...Unraised flags gently blow in the cool breeze of the day. 


A fast smash of an echoing pan effect provides atmosphere...Police detective Chilcoat stands by a photo copier as he chews virulently on some gum.. Chilcoat stares across the room as he waits for the electronic device to copy him some documents..(A phone is heard ringing, the phone produces a fast electronic drill of beeps) (Multiple voices are heard inside the police station it is a very busy place) (A female officer is heard speaking over a telephone)


The mother of the young girl that Elliot made to cry has taken her daughter to the local police station. A detective who is sat down at a computer screen speaks out "Alright, your doing great" I know this is taking a little while.." 'But were almost done.. Both the young girl and her mother look over at the screen as they try and piece together a photo fit of Elliot. (Male voices are heard in conversation) A man and a woman stand ahead next to a welcome desk..The man working on the photo fit is almost motionless as he studies the screen..The woman's mouth suddenly gyrates for a split second as she waits patiently with her daughter..The young girl stares at the computer screen as she remembers her meeting with Elliot earlier on in City Park. Suddenly the young girls eyes veer over to detective Chilcoat as she spots him from a distance..The boredom must be taking it's toll on the girl as she suddenly sticks her tongue out at Detective Chilcoat. 


A female police officer carrying some white documents walks past Detective Chilcoat from the left, She has long black hair and is wearing a red suit..Chilcoat stares back at the young girl in silence before suddenly sticking his tongue out back to the girl in fun. The detective conducting the photo fit session continues to speak, "That should do the ....Beard" (A clicking of a mouse is heard as the detective adds a beard to the male photo fit image. Chilcoat smiles back at the child as he seeks to make the girl feel at ease..


A clicking of a keyboard is heard as the detective say's, "Um, let's move on to the eyes.."The child's mother suddenly looks back at the computer screen as the facial image builds up in detail..The young child instantly produces a childish smirk as she reacts to Chilcoat's antics..The child blinks down before also looking at the computer screen while maintaining a hushed lip. A man steps into the busy room from the top left as he turns in a clockwise motion..(A phone begins to ring_ (Voices are heard as detectives carry out there daily chores)


The detective immediately begins to select a new eye group as the identi image changes, (Now the computerises model has a new bigger eye feature set)..The detective say's, "Do you think the eyes were bigger (Click is heard as the detective changes the eye set back to the original) or smaller than these?." The detective speaks slowly and clearly..


The same woman from moments ago suddenly appears as she walks across the floor while looking down, She has an oriental feature set)..Detective Lance now appears as he makes his way over to a large pin up board. Lance nods up as he greets a man wearing a grey suit fleetingly, The man wearing the grey suit walks past Lance.. A light flapping of paper is head as Lance reaches up with his right hand to pin a WANTED sign to the board. Lance holds the poster in place with his outstretched left hand before pushing a pin into the top of the poster with his right hand..(Lance holds a black pen in his right hand also..)The detective interviewing the young girl and her mother speaks again and say's "What do you think?" The detective is attempting to stimulate an image from the girl and as accurate as possible..)


The photo fit detective becomes silent as he patiently waits for the young girl to respond to his question, The mother of the child looks to her daughter and say's softly "Katie".. The detective suddenly looks around to the child, Katie stares at the screen in silence but is unable to answer the question, Katie's mother immediately begins to gently shake the young girl with her arms as she say's again, "Katie" to try and get a response from her.. The mother looks back at the screen as she say's Katie "Honey"..(Mother shakes her child again) The detective looks back at the screen..Lance takes his hands away from the WANTED board as he looks up at the new photo fit image he has just placed..A detective with grey hair is talking to a female detective just a few yards away.


(Another man walks quickly past the other two detectives) Suddenly a large man carrying a green plastic cup walks past the mother and child from the left.. The mother looks back to her child Katie and say's "The guy's eyes" as she attempts to jog her memory.. (Voices are heard as detectives work) Suddenly Katie raises her right hand out at speed..


Katie instantly becomes very enthusiastic and full of excitement as she shouts out, "That's him..That's the man..."Katie's mother instantly looks to her left before looking on over in the direction her daughter is pointing.. The photo fit detective turns his head as he looks at Katie's mother..


Detective Lance has stimulated Katie's memory as she looks on over at the WANTED poster Lance has just placed on the pin up board..The camera moves up and down as it focuses on the board. The mother suddenly say's, "Who?" as she attempts to find out what Katie is pointing at..A low level synthesizer keyboard melody begins to play to provide the sound score."


The photo fit detective has looked back at his screen but now looks back once again towards Katie, Detective veers eyes to the girls mother...Detective Lance stands motionless as he reads the WANTED sheets for any vital information he can digest..(Lance holds a black pen in his right hand) (Crunching of a seat is heard) Katie shakes her right index finger around as she points on over towards the fresh WANTED poster Lance has just placed. Katie say's with excitement, "That's the man who said that I was gonna go to the orphanage.."A police officer wearing a blue shirt quickly walks past Lance from the right side. 


Detective Chilcoat stands silent and motionless as he looks away from the young girl and directly in front of him, (Chilcoat can see Lance from a distance)


Chilcoat leans forward slightly as he stares at the new WANTED sheet Lance has just placed. Chilcoat suddenly taps the A4 photo copied pages he holds with both hands directly on to the lid of the photo copying machine two times in quick succession..(Tap of paper is heard as Chilcoat tightens the pages into a neat pile)) Chilcoat immediately begins to make his way over to Lance at a slow pace of steps..Katie is heard from a distance as she say's "It say's WANTED"." The mother say's softly "Okay"..The woman wearing a red jacket and long black hair has now sat down at her desk..The woman moves her head slightly right as she holds a telephone receiver in her left hand..The woman is chatting on the phone to someone..The woman's right hand is outstretched and operating a switchboard.. A moment passes and the receptionist places a black phone receiver back to the switchboard system..Woman takes her right hand away from the device..(Chilcoat continues to chew) Chilcoat lowers his hands down as he say's to Lance with curiosity, "What's this?" (A phone begins to ring)


Lance shakes his head negatively as he stares at the WANTED board, Lance fleetingly points his black pen at the board as he say's, "This is just weird is what this is.." Chilcoat also stares at the board..


Chilcoat continues to chew on some gum) Lance looks to Chilcoat as he points his black pen over his shoulder and shakes his hand furiously for a short moment in time.. Lance say's with intrigue, "Beautiful back there" (Chilcoat veers his eyes over to something in the distance) Lance lowers his right hand as he looks back at the WANTED board. Lance continues, "Claim's that this guy came up to him on the street.." Lance points his black pen up to the image he has just placed. 


In the distance the homeless man that was walking past the church earlier on with a metal trolley is sat down on a pink armchair. Suddenly a woman wearing a grey suit appears and gives the man a hot beverage in a white polystyrene cup. The homeless man looks down at the drink before pushing his hands up through his brown sheet to retrieve the offering with his right hand..Lance continues to speak to Chilcoat, "And offered to trade him an Ostrich for his clothes and his shopping cart.." Chilcoat replies, "Did he have an Ostrich?" The homeless man looks up at the woman for a split second before looking back down at his beverage..Homeless man looks on over to his left as he pulls the blanket shut with his left hand.. Two police officers in full uniform walk by from the right..The woman wearing a grey suit turns clockwise as she walks off diagonally across the floor. A woman dressed similar to a prostitute wearing a short mini skirt, animal themed fur jumper, and black leather boots is being escorted down the room by a male police officer..The woman's breast cleavage is also visible..The woman steps awkwardly past the homeless man as the police officer holds her from her back. A member of the public wearing a white tee-shirt and purple track suit bottoms walks past the homeless man from the right..A member of the public wearing blue jeans walks right from the top of the room..


Another phone begins to ring..Lance begins to shake his head positively as he say's "He did.." 


Chilcoat replies, "What would a homeless guy want with an Ostrich?" Chilcoat is motionless as he stares over at the homeless man. Suddenly Lance turns his head around anti clockwise as he also looks over at the homeless man for a short moment..Lance looks back at the WANTED board..Lance shakes his head negatively as he say's, "He didn't want an Ostrich, (Lance looks to Chilcoat) so the guy sweetened the deal by a thousand bucks.." Chilcoat blinks before looking down at Lance..A man appears from a door way to the left, he is wearing a light brown suit and has black hair.. (A female voice is heard saying, "This is the transport system." (Phones ring, Male and Female colleagues confer.)


Lance looks back to the board fleetingly before looking back to Chilcoat, Chilcoat say's "And he believed him?" Lance hesitates before saying, "The guy's got an Ostrich" Lance shrugs his shoulders as he expresses his words..Lance blinks as he jerks his shoulders out as he looks back to the board and say's, "He might have a thousand bucks.."


Camera wobbles lightly..Phone rings - A male voice is heard saying, "I want to talk to Ben please (over a telephone system)". Two beeps in fast succession are heard followed by a males voice who say's "Copy that." - Female voices are heard..


The sound of running water is heard as Chilcoat fills his silver mug with a glass coffee jug. The top layer of liquid in the jug quivers and gyrates as the strip lighting illuminates the surface..


Chilcoat looks up from his coffee cup as he veers his eyes over across the busy room, Chilcoat holds his cell phone to his right ear, Chilcoat suddenly looks back down at his cup before instantly looking back up again.


Chilcoat lowers his cell phone down against his chest as he speaks out towards Lance, "What you got?.." Lance comes into view as he say's, "Ostrich boy again". Chilcoat looks down as he raises his phone back to his right ear.. Two people walk past a window from outside from the right, A police officer walks behind and past Chilcoat from the right. (Low level synthesizer chord plays out)


Lance continues, "This is from the Identikit of the church arson that happened earlier today." (Lance looks down at another copy of Elliot's IdentiFit WANTED poster as he passes an A4 sized brown folder over to Chilcoat with his left hand..A scrunching of paper is heard as it is transferred - Chilcoat twists his body slightly as he takes hold of the wanted sheet..(Female voices are heard)


Chilcoat examines the WANTED poster as he looks down upon it for a moment in time, Chilcoat suddenly places the folder under his right arm using his left hand, (Chilcoat looks down) (Flapping of paper is heard)


A slow and sombre synthesizer chord is heard to provide the sound score - Lance looks awkwardly at the brown file for a fleeting moment before looking up to Chilcoat.. Lance continues as he points towards the brown folder with his right hand."  "There's security footage, too." 


Lance continues, "I just put Richardson and Dobbs on it.." Chilcoat looks up at Lance for a short moment in silence, Suddenly Chilcoat lowers his cell phone from his right ear and rests it on his right shoulder, Chillcoat looks up towards Lance and say's sternly, "I'll go myself.."


Lance veers his eyes right as he instantly shakes his head in a negative way as he say's, "They just left." Lance looks to Chilcoat as he outstretches his arms slightly. A detective with black hair and wearing a cream coloured jacket quickly walks past from the right, Chilcoat replies, "Call them back.."


Chilcoat repeats his words as he raises his eyebrows, "I'll go myself", Chilcoat is adament that he should deal with the problem and go to the church himself.  Chilcoat looks down as he returns his cell phone to his right ear..


Lance turns away from Chilcoat as he raises both hands out at the same time while looking down at a member of the public who is sat on a chair. Lance's expression is have it your way as he say's "Okay"..Lance quickly turns to face away from his boss as he quickly walks off. (Phone is ringing) The hippy Frank Zappa impersonator looks over towards Lance as he disappears down the corridor. (The man has long braided hair, a full beard and wears glasses.)


The camera quickly pans left producing a blur effect as Chilcoat comes back into view..(Phone rings) A man is heard talking) Chilcoat turns clockwise as he raises his coffee cup to his mouth. (A man wearing a light brown suit quickly walks past Chilcoat from the left.. (A cough is heard) Chilcoat looks further to his right as he begins to drink from the silver mug, Two bangs are heard from a distance as someone enters a side door of the complex..Chilcoat lowers his mug and blinks as he stares over at something of interest.. A man in the distance is heard saying, "Shall I sit here?" A male detective replies, "Sit down over here." Another man is heard saying, "How long has he been here"..


To Chilcoats astonishment he now watches a police officer bring in the Ostrich in question, A jangling of metal is heard from the police officer as he makes his way along the side wall. A police officer to the left instantly turns his head around as he witnesses the arrival of the wild bird. The Ostrich bops it's head forward and backwards with a rhythmic movement as it follows the officer. (Female voice is heard) (Phone rings) The police officer who is in control of the Ostrich has a solemn expression on his face.


Chilcoat continues to stare ahead as his mind ponders the impossible. (Male and female voices continue to communicate) Chilcoat's eyes veer right as he follows the Ostrich with his eyes. 


Scientific name: Struthio camelus
Family name: Struthionidae
Classification: Bird
IUCN status: Least concern
Lifespan (in wild): 30-40 years
Weight: More than 150kg
Body length: 2.1-2.7m tall
Top speed: 70km/h
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat: Grassland, savannah and open woodland


Found across Africa’s hot savannahs and open woodland, the ostrich is the world’s largest bird. It stands up to a massive 2.7m tall and weighs as much as 159kg – that’s around 1m taller than the average man, and the weight of two men combined!

This flightless bird has a long, bare neck, long, sturdy legs and a bulky body covered with feathers. Males and females have different coloured feathers – males sport black plumage with a white tail, and females are mostly brown. Both sexes have small heads, a short, wide beak and big brown eyes protected by long dark lashes.

The ostrich might not be able to fly, but boy can it run! Using its long legs, powerful thighs and strong feet, this big bird can cover five metres in a single stride and reach speeds of over 70km per hour! When zooming along at such mega speeds, it holds out its short wings to help it balance.

This brilliant bird’s strong legs don’t only carry the ostrich where it wants to go – they’re super effective when it comes to self-defence. If an ostrich is cornered by a hungry predator, such as a Hyena, Lion, Leopard or Cheetah, it will kick with a force powerful enough to kill! And check this out, each two-toed foot is armed with a ten centimetre sharp claw, too, so predators had better beware!


With their tall height and excellent eyesight, these amazing creatures are great at spotting potential predators from far away. But if danger gets too close for comfort, the ostrich will often lie low to hide, stretching its neck along the ground. Its coloured feathers help it to blend in with the sandy soil where it lives. Have you ever heard that ostriches bury their head in the sand to hide? Well, as funny as that sounds, it’s not true! But from far away, depending what position the ostrich takes, it can sure look that way, hence how the myth began.

Ostriches are mainly vegetarian, eating roots, leaves, flowers and seeds. But they will also eat insects, lizards and other small creatures, too. They generally live in the vicinity of grazing animals such as wildebeest, antelopes and zebras, and together they form a great partnership – the grazers stir up insects and rodents for the ostriches to eat, and the ostriches help alert the grazers to dangers such as approaching lions.


Ostriches live in groups, called herds, generally made up of around 12 individuals. Males compete with one another for control of several females (or hens), and the winner becomes the leader of the herd. Each group also has a dominant hen, she will only mate with the alpha male, but he may mate with other females in the herd as well.

During breeding season, the alpha male makes a nest in the ground and attempts to attract females by, believe it or not, dancing! His impressive moves include dropping to the ground, shaking his wings and tail, and swaying his head and neck from side to side. After mating, the hens lay their eggs in the nest. But these are no ordinary eggs, gang – they’re the largest eggs in the world, averaging around 15cm long and weighing up to a mega 1.5kg!

The main female may lay up to 11 eggs, which are positioned in the centre of the communal nest where they’re safest, and the other hens lay between two to six eggs. The alpha male and dominant female then look after the nest, taking it in turns to incubate the eggs.


After about 40 days, the new chicks hatch, all feathered and ready to walk! Within days, they leave the nest to follow their parents, who protect them from the hot sun or rain by keeping them huddled under their body or outstretched wings. By the time the young ostriches are 18 months old, they are fully grown and have become record-breaking birds, just like their parents. Impressive, eh? Text adapted from feature by Catherine D. Hughes

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